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Woman with the world's longest nails cuts them after nearly 30 years


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What is dip first? Do you get it at the salon?

I do like to grow my nails longer but I think 1/2 to 2/3 of my nail bed is my limit. I will try growing them a little longer than that to see. But I would definitely need an overlay to grow longer, because my nails start to split at about 1/2 inch past the nail bed.
@Theresamonet It's just Dip. Dip nails is a system where resin is painted on the nail and the nail is quickly dipped in finely milled coloured or clear acrylic powder. It requires a little filing and buffing so that you have a smooth finish and I used to wonder why folks would choose it over gel polish but now I get it. I provides much more strength and doesn't chip.

It used to be salon only but there are now at home kits. During the 2nd lockdown, I got really into it but soon discovered I was allergic to the resin liquids in my kit; YT put me onto a thing known as 'dip flu'. That's when I switched to playing with hard gel and polygel.


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