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Waist Length 2012 Challenge


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So seeing as I have no identifiable waist, I'm just gonna keep growin to TBL I guess lol maybe top of jeans. I cut the pic at the top of my panties, and I wear my jeans about 1.5 inches above that. IDK how many inches that is but I think it's a good length and I'll do somethin fancy with my hair when I get to that length. Don't know what though because I got layers cut in December. Well here are my comparisons. I won't do another until the end of the summer. Hope these pics aren't too big.
This pic is when I got layers cut December 23, 2011 at 25 months post relaxer

This one was taken today

Anyone wanna help me find where waist length is in the pic? I know where my waist is from the front because oddly enough theres a slight curve but since we don't measure from the front, I have no idea where I'd claim WL.

Sorry the pics aren't beautiful. I've only straightened my hair once since the BC and just do random length checks.


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I did a co-wash yesterday and gave myself a sneak peak since I haven't seen my hair stretch since December - only air dried. I'm 12 weeks post relaxer. Since the JUNE HYH2012 challenge is almost over, I'll go ahead and show a little progress since my Dec siggy.

Wow great progress, congratz you're WL. :yay:
I agree with Whimsy you'r hair has to grow faster than 1/2 inch per month to go get to WL in 6 months roughly. Just accept it, your hair grows fast.


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Hey ladies! Update time :-D. I'm 8weeks post relaxer. I blow dried my hair last night, no flat iron.

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Hello Ladies, this is my first post but I have lurked on LHCF for years! I am currently at BSL, and my goal for the year and my final goal is WL. I'm not sure if this challenge is still open but if so...I WANT IN :grin:!!!!!


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Hi Ladies! :wave:

I relaxed last week and am BSL finally!

I plan to do the following to get to waist length this year:

1. Stay Consistent with my hair vitamins
2. Stay consistent with sulfur oil
3. Exercise at least 3 days per week
4. Up my water intake to 80oz per day
5. Protective Style 5o% of the time

What about you, any secrets or fast hair growth regimens you'll be using to reach waist length this year?


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I've been meaning to come in here and say Im probably not going to make waist length anymore because I cut my hair. I'm sure I'm about apl possibly shorter so I will be monitoring from the sidelines possibly until 2013. I hope to make BSL by the end of this year.


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I pressed my hair June 19...Didn't quite make my goal of achieving WL for my b'day but I'm still pushing forward and pretty darn pleased with the results I got. I trimmed about an inch off that was long over due.


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I think I want to get in this Challenge. I didn't make it last year. I cut off a couple of inches.
Looks like I am about 3 inches away.



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This is my update.

My longest layer is about 2-2.5 inches from waist (where my finger is). But the rest of my hair has alot of catching up to do. Most of my hair has not reached mbl yet. Once most of it reaches mbl, I think I will only have a few months to reach waist.

If I could only leave my hair alone and not straighten it!

Also some of it is over my shoulder in the picture, so that's why the shape looks kind of odd.


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This is my July update, next one in October. I'm claiming MBL because I'm below my bra and within a few inches of my waist. I think I'll make waist by years end, I'll definitely be grazing!


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I would like to be in but it sounds like in late. Lol for some reason I'm stuck on almost mid back but I can't seem to grasp the next level waist length.

image-724015725.jpg straight

image-577091245.jpg braid out
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Fresh relaxer....update....plus trim. Maybe I should stop trimming in sections. It's looking a little choppy.


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I officially hate my hair. I've had two breakage setbacks since hitting MBL. One late last year, and one now. I've just noticed I have more short nape hair than usual.

I haven't used heat in months and my hair is usually in a bun (might be the culprit) or twists.

I get my hairline back only for my nape to show out on me. :cry:

I have some strands creeping towards WL but I seriously thought I'd be claiming it now. Most of my hair still seems stalled at MBL. I guess I shouldn't complain much because once upon a time MBL was just a dream.

Only thing I can think to do is up my protein since I focus more on moisture than anything.

I'm sick of this. I never see it coming. Crap like this is why I have yet to make it to WL after years. Effin' years.


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I'm doing everything I can to keep my hair healthy and full in order to scrape WSL in December. To the ladies that have already made it, congratulations! You are inspiring to the rest of us. :)


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I should have made it by now but my retention sucks... plus our hot water heater was broken for a month... which didn't help at all D: I won't make it by the end of the year, hopefully early next year.


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I'll be straightening either this week or next to check progress. I kinda think I'm almost at waist....but now that I have this weird post-baby body, I don't know exactly where my waist is.
I'll straighten, take the pic, and you guys can decide for me.

pre_medicalrulz your hair is looking great!


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Even though I had crisis in my life and went to chopping my hair, my hair has grown back and Im already BSL length again. Here's my most recent pic. Im aiming to make MBL and hopefull waist length in early 2013.

Please ignore my twists. I was prepping my hair for bed and moisturizing