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Trial and Error...My first error


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Yesterday my hair was fierce (see Fotki), but not as curly as I realy wanted it. So I decided to pin curl my hair and wear a curly bob today. Well it seems the Lord had other plans for me today...LOL

First of all, the side pin curls came out (I sleep horribly). Luckily I was off today so I put some rollers in and in an hour or so I had some curl back. Once I took all the pin curls out, I wrapped. And it stayed like this for hours....H-O-U-R-S!!!!!

And I came out with big, poofy hair. I mean Dolly Parton, Back to the 80s hair! I was so pissed!

So now it's wrapped up again. I will probably Saran it in a little while.

But other than that, my hair is soft and shiny (a little greasy) but soft and shiny nonetheless.


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I'm just kidding. :grin:

Good luck next time around. But take pics, even if you won't share them. They really do serve to encourage you and to show you how far you've come when you feel like you're not making progress fast enough.