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I wasnt officially part of the challenge but i did use sulfur for 5 months, from May-September. My normally growth rate is 0.3 a month, im a very slow grower. Ive been in box braids and twists since Feb(plan to do this until Feb 2013). I only went from 6 inches to 7.5 inches in those 5 months:sad:. I was very consistent with application, i would do it 3x a week or everyday. I used MTG and also used my homemade mix.Took my multivitamins too.
I only gained my usual inch and a half that i would have gotten without the sulfur.


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I'm here!!!

Starting Length: APL
Projected/Goal Length for December 2012 : BSL
Regimen: Wash/ DC 1x per week
Method of Sulfur Application: apply sulfur 3-4xs a week
Other Growth Aids: Internal MSM
Starting Pic (optional): Will post in Dec.
How did the sulphur help with growth?
ME !! :grin:

Starting Length: NL/SL
Projected/Goal Length for December 2012: BSL ( im a shortie :D )
Regimen: braids under half-wig, wash 1x/week, dc 2x/week, ghe or baggy ends daily
Method of Sulfur Application: homemade sulfur mix, MSM daily
Other Growth Aids: mt/mn mix
Starting Pic (optional): siggy
hello. I just started using sublime sulfur last Friday. How did it do for your hair?