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SL 2015


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I'm wondering if I'm SL already. I don't plan on straightening it but I will take pictures of it wet and see what everyone thinks. At the bottom I'm close to my old length which was an inch below CB. The only difference is that its not as thick because it was cut into layers which I got the virgin texturiser.


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I had one of those moments yesterday lol.

You know when you are detangling and you pull some shed strands out and it looks like one long hair until it seperates? I saw this straggly hair hanging down. Pulled on it to detach the shed hair and it was actually coming from my scalp lol, maybe apl. Nice surprise.

The rest of my hair is at different stages though. I feel like my bangs retain better because its a looser pattern with thicker strands. Dunno if I experience breakage in certain areas or its just growing slowly there but a few patches are still chin/neck length :/


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@faithVA. Do you think I should join the APL challenge or stick to the SL challenge for another few months till I get 1 more inch or so of growth? I've never done this before so I'm not sure.

I think you should join both. Hang out in the SL thread until you reach SL.

However, if you don't feel like being in both, pick the APL thread if you will be SL by march. Otherwise pick the SL thread.

But we would be glad to have you in both. There are going to be a few of us in both.


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My splits are decreasing but I realize as long as I do flat twist on wet hair my ends are going to knot and split.

I'm not sure how I can style for now and get around it. I may just have to deal with it for a few more months while it grows out. I will keep doing search and destroys in the meantime.


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Ooooweee! thanks for starting the apl challenge @faithVA

You are a much better hostess :grin:

I just might have time to do a lc on Christmas eve. I decided to just iron a patch in the back. It's raining so will revert and match the rest of the fro in a cpl hours lol.


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I'm in and will stay hanging out in both threads.

My patch that was bald in January now has about 5 inches of hair. The longest layers in the back = 10 inches. The majority of the canopy = 7 inches.

The top half of my hair is shorter than I'd like, however after my trim I am liking the shape a little better. I wanted to cut the back a little more but a friend convinced me to hang in there and let it be. I only cut off the thin looking ends of my coils.

My hairline has taken a hit of breakage, especially in the back. So I'm laying off the wigs a while. Overall my hair is thickening up and I look forward to seeing more length in the new year.


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henna'd my hair on thursday with the moroccan henna from henna sook. ugh. It had a lot of bits in it and now I cant get all the bits out of my hair. I rinsed my hair again on Friday and I still have ish in my hair. Super frustrating. Going to wash once more tomor and go ahead and straighten. hopefully the straight texture will help to get the rest of it out. It just kinda sucks bc I bought a kilo of it. sigh.


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Any more length check pictures? This year and challenge is over in 3 more days. Wow time flew.

If you haven't already, post your info in the SL2016 and the APL 2016 challenges.
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