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Shea butter, shea butter

Shea butter

  • Sealent

    Votes: 25 19.7%
  • Moisturizer

    Votes: 30 23.6%
  • Both

    Votes: 72 56.7%

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It can be used as both. I know some people that use it to seal their hair, and I know others who use it as a moisturizer, and some even deep condition with it. Shea butter is very versatile, and you can even whip it with oils and other substances to give it added benefits for hair and skin. Whipping it with oils makes it a little creamier and easier to apply to hair as a moisturizer, in my opinion, but using it plain gives hair good hold when styling it.


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I LOVE shea butter! I bought a 1lb tub of raw unrefined shea butter on Amazon for about $6 bucks about a month ago. I use it on my face, hands, feet, and my hair as a moisturizer. I then seal with olive oil.

I use HE LTR as a leave-in and also on my ends as a moisturizer twice a day and seal with oil after I read that suggestion from another member on another thread. My ends need special help, and this is definitely making a difference.

I bought SB and was using it on my feet, and I had forgotten how well it does on my ends! I've have been using it for the past week and my hair is SO SOFT!!! Definitely a keeper! :up: