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Shea Butter Oil


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Hi you guys, i just wanted to know if anyone here uses shea butter oil on their ends. At first I was using lotion mosturizers to moisturize my hair, but I realized they would never really keep my ends mosturized and I would still have a lot of breakage/shedding. Now I use shea butter oil and the breakage/shedding has virtually disappeared. Does this mean that lotion mosturizers are not the best when it comes to mosturizing your hair. I also find that it makes my hair to oily and it feels heavy by the middle of the week, I could put shea butter on my hair everyday twice a day and it'll still feel great at the end of the week when Im ready to wash my hair.

Take Care you all, I've been on this board for maybe a month now and the condition of my hair has improved so much, I can't wait to take new pictures to show you guys. Im aiming for a little above Bra Strap length for the summer of 2005.

Current Hair Length: My Kitchen is neck length basically and the rest of my hair is about 3 inches or 3 1/2 inches longer than that.
Check my profile for my fotik hair album and the
link http://public.fotki.com/Shariracquel/
PM for password. Thank u ya'lls


Welcome!!! :wave: Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question..but I wanted to know where you got the shea butter oil from? :grin: We can't wait to see your pictures!! :)


sheabutter is great for protecting the ends. I have had a lot of luck with it. Sometimes I mix it with other oils, but it always leaves my ends looking healthy. I swear by this stuff!


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you get shea butter oil for any beauty supply store around your way. It is really cheap, it cost 1.99 and it comes in a small bottle but it last a very long time. I first started using it when i had braids to oil my scalp but i discovered that it is also very good on relaxed hair.


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Wow! Didnt even know that there was a shea butter oil!

I have been using shea butter on my hair for over a year now. I love it. It never fails that when I hear good things about another butter, I try it and my hair ends up feeling crispy. I come back to shea butter every time.


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I use coconut oil cream on my ends. It leaves my hair extremely soft and the smell is wonderful! I purchase my shea butter products and the coconut oil from www.africansheabuttercompany.com just click in Retail Line. The virgin coconut oil is great.


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I had the shea butter oil for a while and it was great :)
Now I use olive oil and jojoba oil because they are easier for me to find.