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September 2018: Hits & Misses


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Curl Origin's 50% Sale

Me, buying my first BF Purchase of the Pre-Season (x4 CO Kukui Overnight Masks at Fiddy%)

This is a HIT and DOUBLE HIT for me too @IDareT'sHair :yep:. I'm glad I caught this sale for that DC. It is the only thing on their site that I wanted to try and thank God I was able to at such a great low price :happydance:.
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African Pride Shea butter and flaxseed cream for my LO. His washngo is so soft and sheeny. I’m in love. The only con is I style his hair by rewetting each day and this stuff takes hours to disappear on slightly damp hair. I’m going to try and use it right after I wash his hair and see if wet disappears quicker. This is so good, I’m interested in the whole line for him.


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CONTINUED HITS (in no particular order):
Cathy Howse UBH
HQS Cleansing Conditioner
Siamese Twists Products
Bekura's YAM

The Price of Bekura's YAM and that there are no duplicates of this product out there.:angry2:
Will somebody please make a Duplicate? :pullhair:

If anybody knows of a good duplicate, please hit me up.

I still need to try my jar of Kindred Butters Sweet Nectar.


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Continued Hits:
Oyin Hair Dew
Whipped shea butter

New Hit:
2 flat twists pulled into a low roll and tuck knot. It's stylish for work or casual wear and I don't have to refresh every night.

Felicia Leatherwood brush. It's too rigid. I wish it was more flexible. Why is it so stiff?


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Hit: African Black Soap as shampoo

I was so tired last night but needed to wash my hair to look presentable this morning. I didn't have time nor feel like going through the motions to make my clay wash so I just grabbed some African Black Soap I had sitting on the counter. It definitely cleansed my hair without stripping it, but I will have to try it again because I noticed that some of the ayurvedic herbs that was in my cassia gloss was still in my strands. Albeit, I was rushing so I didn't really focus on cleaning the gunk off my strands, but still, I like it better than any over the counter shampoo I've tried.


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CONTINUED HITS (in no particular order):
Naturelle Grow's Pre-Poo
Soultanicals Strand Repair *discontinued*
Koils By Nature Detoxifying Charcoal & Mint DC'er
Lawrence Ray Concepts Shake & Go
Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
Oyin Handmade's Glide and OHM Ginger Mint Cleanser


Flowah Powah

It's very likely that this could put LHDC on the back shelf. I love it, it feels cleansing and slippy at the same time. I do think it would be too harsh for a daily cowash, but it's definitely good if I'm in that in-between point where it's not time to shampoo but I have too much oil on my hair.


Letting ANYONE flat iron my hair. NEVER again.

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African Pride Moisture Miracle. The preshampoo was slippery and detangling. The shampoo wasn’t too stripping immediately following the prepoo. The chocolate conditioner was the BOMB. My LOs hair laid down in submission. I was only able to keep it in his hair 3 minutes top and it was lovely. The leave in cream was softening and moisturizing. Winner winner chicken dinner. I’m sold. The only products in the line i won’t get are the spray leave in and the oil. I will try the masque next weekend.


Wash day with my LO. He screams the entire time water touches his head. He doesn’t mind when I’m applying product or detangling but as soon as I have to rinse it’s like someone is murdering him. :confused:


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Aloe Vera Gel/Juice: this stuff really helps keep my hair moisturized. It also makes for a great pre-poo.
MC 3 in 1 Conditioner: I use this as a leave in on soaking wet hair. My hair has responded positively to it.

Miss: Wash and go anything. My hair gets knots every single time.


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Being hair lazy again
This I was feeling in August and part of September but I'm back - not every week, but every 2 weeks for sure.

On another note, I believe I will be needing a henna treatment next weekend or at the very latest, the weekend after. It's only been one week and my grays are already peeking through. This tells me my hair is growing in fairly quickly or so I hope :look:.