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Relaxed Hair Thread


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Do any you guys have lead hairs? I have a lock of hair that is at least 2 inches longer than the rest of my hair. I’m not going to cut it just to even it out, I’m quite fond of that long lock and it’s only going to grow back the same way anyway.

I'll check when I do my next relaxer. I used to have a small section that grew faster. It'll be interesting to see if it comes back.


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Did my relaxer last week after a 6.5 month stretch. Of course, it's totally under-processed. :rolleyes: I'm texturized/lightly texlaxed now. :lol: With straight ends. To make it worse, the top back left quadrant of my head, it seems didn't pull the relaxer all the way to all the new growth or didn't smooth it in at all. So, the first 3 inches of roots are straight, then a patch of crunchy afro hair, then straight ends. smh.

I had a ton of growth, but was over zealous with trimming :rolleyes: I'm making myself feel better by saying that I'm growing out my hair from a buzz cut, so I have to slowly even out the mullet forming as it grows out anyway. lol


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I have 6-7 different colors. A couple stretched out, but it was my fault bc I didn't read the care card - you're supposed to hand wash them.
I can see that happening. My first one accidentally got washed AND dried because it was wrapped in some clothes and I didn't notice it until I pulled it out of the dryer. :confused: It survived, but I can tell it's a little worse for the wear.

I didn't want to buy more than one until I tried it. Now I know they actuality work for me, so I'll slowly build my collection.


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@secretdiamond I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Your description of your hair makes me picture it perfectly. You can do braidouts to blend all those textures until you can safely fix it.
LOL. I actually cried after all that. Especially the trimming. I trimmed with my shears, then just had to be extra and whip out the Split Ender device smh.
It thinned out my hair so much. I thought it was only supposed to trim/cut split or damaged hairs that pop up into the chamber. NOPE! I've come to realize, it indiscriminately just razors parts of your hair as you glide it through. I did my whole head, but luckily, didn't go all the way to the ends on the right side. I did that to see if I was crazy or if it was really just razoring along my hair shaft the way thinning shears do, but only a smaller scale.
Welp, my usual thicker side, the left side, was significantly thinner than my right side and the ends were see through! :eek:. I just :cry: and proceeded to chop about 2 inches of hair to thicken it up some and match my right side. I checked with a mirror and my left side looked like razored layers, no bounce or swing (which it had the day before) and rough, while my right side was swinging, minimal layers and much longer pieces.

This is not the first time I used this device. But had no idea I was sabotaging my progress like this all along. I hadn't used it since I shaved off my hair a year and a half ago.
I just thought my ends kept getting damaged because of something I was doing wrong (relaxer, heat tools, manipulation, etc) and that the Split Ender was at least preventing it from being worse. I bought all the 'best' tools - Dyson, RevAir - the 'best' products - Olaplex, Kerastase, etc trying to get my hair better. I finally thought I just needed to start over and shaved my hair all off to go natural. All the while, it was this stupid thing.

I'm much better now. I at least know, but it hurt so much when I realized everything.


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Sorry to hear this @secretdiamond but you’ll come back longer and stronger! :yep:

I had some terrible build up on my scalp, it’s very random as I’ve never suffered from it before really. I’ve today clarified my hair and did a couple of Philip Kingsley scalp treatments and it’s like my scalp breathed a sigh of relief. It took me ages with the follow up conditioning, but it was well worth it. I think I’m going to include this in my regimen every month as a part of a healthy scalp routine.


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I bought a 100% Slip silk cap; silk inside and out. It was very expensive but worth it, I did get it on discount though. I think I might have to buy a second one in black this time.

ETA: I see it’s on sale again so I might bite the bullet before it goes back up!


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Hello everyone,

Has anyone experience trichorrhexis nodosa. I started inspecting my breakage a bit more (yes, still experiencing more breakage than I am conformable with, sigh..). And started to see a pattern; where my hair snaps of the hair always looks a little feathered out. Exactly like in the picture on wikipedia.

Has anyone experienced this?
How can I prevent this? (Not looking for a fix because THAT level of damage is unfixable in my opinion)
Is my hair not made for relaxers because one of the causes are relaxers.
Is it really that common for chemically treated hair?

Thanks in advance!
Edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trichorrhexis_nodosa


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Hi ladies, I’m sorry my account lapsed and I wasn’t going to upgrade again; but I’m back lol.

I bought my silk turban from lookfantastic.com. It’s made by Slip Silk, but I’m pretty sure you can buy the turban in the US too. It is very expensive at £70 but I got it for like £52. I haven’t bought my second one but I will be soon. It’s really helped me to retain so it’s worth it to me.


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I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this @Omw2TbL I’m don’t have any advice I’m afraid but hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge on the matter can help.