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Pre Pooing With Oil


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Usually I add penetrating oil to dry hair. The theory being that there is no water to repel the oil from getting into the strand. Though the effects are mostly seen in the long term. I.e. less wear and tear over time. The immediate effect is avoiding dryness from shampooing.

In the past I have also used oil followed by a cheap conditioner prior to shampooing. This gave good immediate results.


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I use it on dry hair, overnight under a plastic cap.

I've tried dampening my hair before leaving it on overnight, and still achieved a less drying shampooing session, but the additional benefits (strength with EVCO and softness with EVOO - amazing shine with both) just weren't as significant as they are when applied directly to my dry hair. The oil even manages to cut through any product I've got built up, but not water for some reason.


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For those of you who prepping overnight. How do you stop the oil from running through your pillow sheets and pillow? I have nice pillows and sheets that I don’t want oily.