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Naturals: Prepooing for frizzy ends, Trial and Error


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I was researching on how to combat frizzy ends and most replies was condition, condition, and condition. Since today is my wash day I put mixed up some castro and coconut oil as a pre poo for my ends. I'm tempted to add honey to the mix but heard it was bad to pre poo overnight with it. Coconut Milk is still hanging out in my cabinet but thought less is more plus read it's a protein. If that's please chim in. :grin:
It's just so annoying when you're trying to do a rollerset, twist, ect the ends comes out puffy as hell. :wallbash: Understanding natural hair will be frizzy and should be accepted as such but there's nothing wrong with wanting a different look that blends from root to tip, right? Anywho, if anyone has tips on what helped them, let me know. Thanks ladies. :grin: