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MBL Challenge 2012 Official Thread


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This challenge is now closed, as we have a one-year reveal on December 31, 2011.
Still feel free to join in by just introducing yourself and posting your starting pic, but I am no longer updating the challenger list.

Ladies, the time has come for us to start posting pictures and getting started on our journeys to beautiful MBL hair by 2012!​
Please post your starting pic and introduction in the same post by August 15, 2010! The challenge will run from August 15, 2010 – December 31, 2012.

Please introduce yourself! Things you might want to include:
Current Length
Current State of Hair [(Natural/Relaxed/Transitioning (length of transition)/Stretching (length of relaxer stretch)] – You can also include hair type if you like
Regimen (including what precise steps you are taking in order to get to MBL)
Goals for each check-in date (dates are below)
What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL
Any links to a photo album or Youtube channel if you want to share

(If you are interested in joining this challenge and did not do so on the sign-up thread last month, please either thank this post or PM me. We want this challenge thread to ONLY include valuable challenger information and updates as opposed to pages of ladies asking to be included. I will be sure to include you on the challenger list.)

Check-In Dates (can include pictures, whether or not you met your goals, changes in regimen, length checks, etc; please try to put entire update in one post to cut down on confusion):
December 31, 2010
April 30, 2011
August 15, 2011
December 31, 2011
April 30, 2012
August 15, 2012
December 31, 2012
You can check in more than this if you like, but let’s all try to do so on these particular dates at the very least so we can keep up with each other’s progress!​
Let’s grow, ladies!​

miss Congeniality
Beverly Ann Properties
Forever In Bloom
Ms. Tiki
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Current Length: No longer sure because I just BC'ed and haven't straightened

Current State of Hair: 3c/4a Natural

My basic regimen includes washing and DC’ing with my steamer on Sundays, and co-washing on Wednesdays. Sometimes I also DC on Wednesdays, and there are some days that I just feel like co-washing and that’s what I’ll do, but Sunday and Wednesdays are my specified “hair days.” I am hoping to get to MBL by being very active in quite a few challenges that are affecting my regimen in positive ways. Since I am in the Jheri Juice Challenge, I moisturize my hair twice daily with Donna Marie Moisture Mist, and since I am in a HYH Challenge until December 31, I will be keeping my hair two-strand twisted under a wig or slicked back into a pony. After HYH, I have embarked on a personal journey to continue hiding my hair until August 2011, and I will continue to juice daily. My hair grows at least .5” per month and sometimes more depending on diet and exercise, so I will have to make time to make better health and fitness choices.

Goals for each check-in date:
December 31, 2010 – SL
April 30, 2011 – CBL
August 15, 2011 - Past CBL
December 31, 2011 – APL
April 30, 2012 – BSL
August 15, 2012 – MBL
December 31, 2012 – U-Shaped MBL!

Though I am short (4’10”) with a short torso, I will still need to be ambitious in order to reach my goals. Once I reach APL, BSL and MBL are each only a few inches longer, but the journey from SL to APL is the longest and hardest. Therefore, I can’t afford setbacks or anything more than light dustings every now and then, so I will be working tirelessly to make sure I retain all of my length and protect my ends. I love experimenting with color, cuts, etc, but I refuse to do either until after I reach my goal. I have the rest of my life to color and try funky cuts. (I may experiment with indigo when fully natural since I have worn jet-black hair nearly all my life, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it).

What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL: December

Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/davisb88


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I am very tall at 5'10" and I know that MBL is quite ambitious, but if I shoot for the moon, even if I miss, I'll land among the stars, right?

I've never been past APL, so passing this milestone will be an achievement. After a really bad box braids incident I've been dusting after each relaxer. I use heat once a month.

Current Length:
Longest hairs grazing Below Shoulder Blade
Starting State of Hair: 4b and texlaxed

Regimen: UPDATED AS OF SEPTEMBER 2011 (thread updated March 2012)

I wash every 4 weeks. Shampoo with Loreal sulfate-free (NOW PAUL MITCHELL SUPER SKINNY), and DC with Redken Butter Treat for eight hours (NOW PAUL MITCHELL SUPER SKINNY CONDITIONER). Air dry (NOW BLOW DRY) hair and detangle two or three times throughout (NOW DETANGLE WHEN BLOW DRYING). Flat iron and use my three staple styles: pincurls at night to wear down, ponytail, or ponytail with ends pinned under. (NOW FLAT IRON AND WRAP FOR 2 WEEKS AND WEAR PONYTAIL 2 WEEKS). Using air-dried styles leads to way more breakage for me. Moisturize every other day with Yes to Cucumbers leave-in (NOW ONLY USE PAUL MITCHELL SUPER SKINNY SERUM DAILY), and seal with Olive Oil/Wheat Germ Oil/Jojoba Oil mix (NOW NO LONGER SEAL).

I'm hoping to be MBL in December of 2012.

Check-In Dates

Starting Length- Approx. June 30, 2010

December 31, 2010:
Full APL ACHIEVED!!! (Stopped transitioning here)

April 31, 2011:
Below Shoulder Blade ACHIEVED APRIL 1, 2011!!! :grin:

August 15, 2011:
Grazing BSL - HIATUS

December 31, 2011: Full BSL - HIATUS

April 31, 2012:
Bra Strap Bottom - HIATUS

August 15, 2012:
In between Bra Strap Bottom and MBL

December 31, 2012:

March 6, 2012 update: I don't think I'll make it to MBL this year, but I'll stay in to the end. I'm moving in to the BSL in 2012 thread as well.

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My name is Donna and my goal length is MBL
Current Length: APL (I think?)
Current State of Hair: Relaxed... Last relaxer on 7/26/10 next relaxer date is 2/26/11... I relax every six months
I don't have a soild reggie...I keep things simple... Pre-poo, wash and DC every week, relax every six months,, on the 4th and 5th month before I relax... I only wear protective styles

What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL: March 2012

December 31, 2010: Full APL
April 31, 2011: BSL?
December 31, 2011: FuLL BSL
August 15, 2012:MBL
December 31, 2012: Full MBL​

Starting pic is in my siggy​
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Hey ladies! My goal is to be a fully natural mbl by 2012. I am currently 8 months post in my transition. I have no plans on chopping as of yet but I may chop at the earliest next May which will put me at 18 months post. I grow 1/2 inch a month and my current length is MBL as you can see in my siggy. My goal is to be WL by December '10 and I am about 2 inches away. I don't see a purpose in posting a starting pic other than the one in my siggy because this challenge is for my new growth and there's no way for me to show you all the length of my growth since I have no one helping me to take pics lol. Fotki is in my siggy as well.

Regimen : I shampoo and condition weekly, detangle twice a month and I do a protein treatment when I feel my hair needs it. I alternate my conditioners between Lekair Cholesterol, AOHSR, and SE Mega Cholesterol. Sometimes I co-wash midweek if I feel like it. I apply my leave ins on wash days or mid-week if I don't co-wash that week. I usually wear some form of a braidout everyday (down, halfuphalfdown, messy bun, loose pony) but sometimes I will leave my braids in and just put them in a bun in the back.

Goals for each check-in date

December 31, 2010- No goal for my natural hair but WL overall
April 31, 2011- No goal for my natural hair
August 15, 2011- Past SL for my natural hair
December 31, 2011- Full APL for my natural hair
April 31, 2012- BSL for my natural hair
August 15, 2012- Full MBL natural
December 31, 2012- WL natural

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Current length: Btwn APL and BSL
Current State of Hair: Transitioning from relaxed w/o bc'ing
Hair Type: 4a/b

Regimen: Wash, D/C, and blowdry once a week. Every now and then my hair starts to itch midweek, then I co-wash and air dry. I plan to air dry and flatiron and curl with my flexi rods a little more often in the fall to get a break from the buns. But it probably won't be as often as I stated because I really don't have time to do a lot to my hair, unless I am going somewhere special and I really don't want to manipulate it too much until my transition is complete. I am currently 8 mos. post. I wear buns 98% of the time. My starting pics below were taken today. This was my second time flat ironing this summer and will be my last until around October or November.

Goals: I hope to be a MBL 100% Natural by December 2012.
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I would love to do this!

Current Length: My hair is just at my bra strap. My front layers: shortest one inch past my eye and the other at my jaw.

Current State of Hair [(Natural/Relaxed/Transitioning (length of transition)/Stretching (length of relaxer stretch)] – You can also include hair type if you like: My hair is 4b, I am trying to grow out my relaxer, however will get it back in May of next year for when I get married. At the moment I am transitioning.

Regimen (including what precise steps you are taking in order to get to MBL): I conditioned my hair weekly under a hood dryer. Blow dried, pressed and flat ironed as well once a week. I would do weaves for three months and take it down, do it again and then go to the shop to get my hair trimmed. I used Joico Body Luxe, Aphogee Keratin and protien treatments. That is what got me to where I am. However, I will slowly switch up this regimen to include wet bunning and cowashing every three days and trying to cut back on the flat iron to only twice a month instead of four times. I will include Joico K Pak to my regimen along with my Ojon hair thickener.... and continue the rest.... also my oils and juices for wet buns

Goals for each check-in date (dates are below):
December 31, 2010: Healthier, no split ends, thicker and a 1" past bra strap with a trim
April 31, 2011: More healthy, relaxed, 3" past bra strap with a trim, with a trim
August 15, 2011: Thicker, 100% healthy, 5" past bra strap, with a trim
December 31, 2011: I would expect to be mid back length at this time. 7" past bra strap, with trim.
April 31, 2012: I will be 9" past bra strap, with trim. My front layers I would expect to at least be to my neck
August 15, 2012: Still growing out front layers, should be to shoulder blade or razing it, back will be 11" past bra strap with trim, and should be waste length and healthy and thick
December 31, 2012: Would be waste length 100% (13 ") and my front ends should have grown to my shoulder with a trim, and will be healthy and full

What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL: January!

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Current Length: SL
Current State of Hair Texlaxed (Linage Shea Butter) Every 20 to 24 weeks.

Regimen :
PrePoo (Over night):
Hemp Seed Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Sometimes I include AOHSR

Alter Ego Moisture Repair (Apply to scalp only in applicator bottle) or
Cowash with Suave Shea Butter or Coconut, or Lustrasilk Cholestorol

Aphogee 2 Min Reconstructor (Every Wash Day - 1x per week or every other week)

DC (6 hours up to Overnight):
I mix/alternate between:
Alter Ego Garlic
Linage Shea/Cocunut Reconstructive Mask
Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol
Silicon Mix
Add: Rosemary Oil,Lavender Oil,Hemp or Wheat Germ Oil, JBCO
Seal Ends with Profective Healthy Ends

1x per Month(Every 4 weeks)
Clarify w/Nexxus Aloe Ridd
Strong Protein DC (Currently using Emergencia. I will be swtiching to Aphogee two step when bottle is finished)
Followed by Linage Shea/Cocunut Reconstructive Mask

I wear Lace wigs Monday thru Friday with Cornrows underneath.
I juice with S Curl or HS 14 in 1/Seal Ends with JBCO.
I whole head baggy at least 3 times per week.
I apply MT to scalp 1 to 2 x's a day

Friday's I do roller sets or Bantu Knots and wear hair out until Sunday.
Before placing Rollers in my hair i use:
Alter Ego Nourshing Spa Leave in
Alter Ego Energizing Drops
Argan Oil
Keracare Setting Lotion dulluted with Rose Water

I also plan on doing clear rinses every 6 weeks.

December 31, 2012: MBL. I only do length checks on Texlax days so I dont like to get ahead of myself and guess where i will be.

Good Luck Ladies!!!!!!


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Hello hello!!

Current Length:

Back right side abt 1.5 inches past collar bone. Back left side abt 1 inch past collar bone. Sides at about collar bone. Front is about the middle of my top lip.

Current State of Hair [(Natural/Relaxed/Transitioning (length of transition)/Stretching (length of relaxer stretch)]

I am Naturaleeee! 4B for all the typers.

Regimen (including what precise steps you are taking in order to get to MBL)

I don't normally use shampoos, but I will consider using a sulfate-free shampoo with a pre-poo method consisting of Walnut Oil [Ceramide challenge 2010], castor oil and Aubrey Organics Conditioner. I will shampoo my hair once every two weeks and clarify with ACV/oil rinse once a month. I will mask at least once a month [Avocado/egg/evoo/honey mix]. Protective hairstyles 3/4 of each month, allotting myself [after the HYH challenge 2010] maybe 3-4 "out" days a month. Before twisting my hair, I will detangle ends with Aphogee Provitamin Leave-in and an oil of choice and before bed, I will rake my hair with Cantu shea butter grow strong strengthening treatment and seal my ends with walnut oil [ceramide challenge 2010]. No tight ponies or puffs. Vitamins: GNC Hair Skin and Nails, Flax Seeds

Goals for each check-in date

Applies to my back and sides
December 31, 2010- 1.5 inch above APL
April 31, 2011- .5 inch above APL
August 15, 2011- APL
December 31, 2011- .5 inch above BSL
April 31, 2012- BSL
August 15, 2012- 1-1.5 inches above MBL
December 31, 2012- MBL

What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL:

Late November/December


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I am a slow grower so this post really appeals to me. I will post my regi and starting pic on the 15th. Good Luck everyone!


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Current Length- Grazing SL

Current State of Hair- Transitioning with I THINK 4a hair

PS 24/7
Cowash 1x week(with install)/3x week(without install)
Shampoo 1x week(with install)/2x month(without install)
Moisturize daily
Apply Bee Mine or other sulfur based product 3-4x weekly

What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL- December 2012 :lachen:

Any links to a photo album or Youtube channel if you want to share- I have a Fotki profile, but I always forget to post the link. Name is MissQuinn

December 31, 2010- Full SL
April 31, 2011- Grazing APL
August 15, 2011- Full APL
December 31, 2011- Grazing BSL
April 31, 2012- Full BSL
August 15, 2012- Grazing MBL
December 31, 2012- MBL


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Current Length: An inch or two from APL

Current State of Hair: 100% Natural 4a/3c

poo & deep condition bi-weekly
ACV rinse bi-weekly
workout 5 days a week
moisturize with Hawaiin Silky

What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL: By December 2012

Any links to a photo album or Youtube channel if you want to share: In my siggy

December 31, 2010- APL
August 15, 2011- Full APL
December 31, 2011- BSL
August 15, 2012- Full BSL
December 31, 2012- MBL


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Current Length:
between APL and BSB, a couple of inches from BSL for my lower back layers.
my sides are just below SL and my crown is EL.

Current State of Hair [(Natural/Relaxed/Transitioning (length of transition)/Stretching (length of relaxer stretch)] – You can also include hair type if you like:
i'm permed/texlaxed, no-lye. i do not know my hair type.

Regimen (including what precise steps you are taking in order to get to MBL)
cowashing, daily moisturizing and sealing, monthly deep protein treatments, wet baggy bunning, Ayurveda, egg shakes, vitamins.

Goals for each check-in date (dates are below)
What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL:
i hope to grow my sides to MBL within the month of february, 2012, my crown (bangs) by december 2012.
Any links to a photo album or Youtube channel if you want to share:
i am in the process of compiling pictures for albums, but i have more detailed info of my reggie in my blogs.
current pictures in siggy.

Check-In Dates
December 31, 2010: sides full APL, crown SL
April 31, 2011: sides BSB, crown SL-APL
August 15, 2011: i plan an entire trim to even out my many layers
December 31, 2011: sides and crown APL-BSB
April 31, 2012: sides and crown full BSB
August 15, 2012: sides and crown full BSL
December 31, 2012: sides and crown full MBL
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Please introduce yourself! Things you might want to include:
Current Length
cbl-apl stretched
Current State of Hair
4a Natural
Pre-poo, Poo, and DC once a week.
Wear hair in updos or buns
[FONT=&quot]Midweek cowash and do Tightly Curly Method (Abridged)[/FONT]

What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL
Dec. 31st 12:59:59:99 lol!

December 31, 2010- Full APL
August 15, 2011- BSB
December 31, 2011- BSL
August 15, 2012- MBL
December 31, 2012- Full MBL

My responses are in bold and my starting pictures are attached


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Transition Over
Current Length: Full APL

Current State of Hair: Relaxed 4a/4b


1. Apply Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor for 15-30 minutes.
2. Shampoo with Organix Tea Tree Mint Hydrating Shampoo.
3. Deep Condition with Nexxus Humectress, for at least an hour. I usually use a hooded dryer or my steamer, although I sometimes go without any heat.
4. Use Porosity Control for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and rinse with cool to cold water.
5. Apply Lacio Lacio (or Pureology Instant Repair Leave In), Chi Silk Infusion, and Castor Oil. If I want to flat iron, I also spritz a small amount of Fantasia IC Heat Protectant Spray.
6. Rollerset.
7. If more than 10 weeks post, flat iron roots ONLY with Sedu 1.5 inch iron, turned up no higher than 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

I try to clarify about once every three weeks. I use ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo, and the process is the same, except for that I clarify first and then apply protein second.
Same with Nexxus Emergencee, which I use about once every two to three weeks. I shampoo first, then use Emergencee for 15 minutes, and then deep condition.

At Least Once Every Three Days:
1. Moisturize hair (I use either Qhemet AOHC, TW Protective Mist Bodifier, Mizani H20 Intense Nighttime Treatment, or Care Free Curl depending on the weather and my hair's needs).
2. If fall or winter, I baggy and go to sleep. In the morning, I take off the baggy and seal with Castor Oil and a bit of sunflower butter.
3. If spring or summer, I moisturize and seal my hair before I put on my scarf to sleep. In the morning, I reapply if needed.
4. Bun hair.

I stretch my relaxers anywhere between 12 - 18 weeks, although I'd like to make the range 16 - 24 weeks, because I think stretching really helps my hair. I go to a salon for my relaxers, and use Design Essentials Lo-Lye.

Vitamin Regimen (Once Daily):
1. 7000 mcg Biotin
2. 6000 mcg Garlic
3. Sundown Naturals Hair Skin and Nails Tablets (3)

Goals for each check-in date:
December 31, 2010 – BSL
April 31, 2011 – Full BSL
August 15, 2011 – Full BSl (with frequent trims and S&D's to even up an increase health of ends).
December 31, 2011 – Full BSL with thick, healthy ends.
April 31, 2012 – MBL.
August 15, 2012 – Full MBL.
December 31, 2012 – Past MBL

I'm only 5'3, so barring any setbacks, I believe I can reach MBL by 2012. I think the real struggle will be getting my hair to look the way that I want it to, especially at the ends. So for me, a large part of of this challenge will be trimming. But I do need to grow and retain lots of hair, so I can have enough left after I trim. :lachen:

To do this, I need to stick to my reggie, keep myself healthy internally, continue protectively styling, and to keep it simple. That means not too much experimentation with products and techniques, and absolutely no joining bandwagons. However, I'd like to add silica to my vitamin regimen, and I'd also like to begin doing black tea rinses with every wash. Additionally, I'd like to begin incorporating more ceramides in my regimen.

And finally, there will be NO stylists trimming my hair. At all. I love my salon, but I'm just too scared to let anyone at my head with scissors. Too many scary stories. All of my trims will be done by me...so there will be times that my hair will be looking jank as hell. :blush: :ohwell: Ya'll don't laugh at me. :lachen:

What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL: March - April.

Starting Picture:

I'm about an inch from BSL and 3 inches from MBL in this picture.
I'm excited! :yay:
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Hi, ladies!
Again, we want to keep this thread filled with mostly starting pics and regimens. If you posted asking to be included or to hold your spot, please edit that post (as soon as you get a chance before Aug 15) to include your regimen and pics to cut down on confusion and to eliminate pages and pages of people asking to be included, since the sign-up thread was created for that purpose.
Thank you!
Happy growing, ladies!
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Please introduce yourself! Things you might want to include:
Current Length : Full Bsl, Type 3c/3b thin (unfortunately :( )
Current State of Hair Natural
Regimen: moisturise daily w KBB hair milk, DC 2X per week, 2 min reconstructor every sunday, 2-step protein every 6 weeks, hairfinity vits daily, drink lots of water and eat healthy, bunning 99% of the time
Goals for each check-in date: The only thing I'll be checking will be the health of my hair and length
What month in 2012 you hope to be at MBL: Doesn't matter, as long as I get there:grin:!!
Any links to a photo album or Youtube channel if you want to share: Please see the attachment. This will be my starting pic


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Today is the first day of the rest of your liiiiiiiives *in a booming voice*

Hahahaha. Not really, but it IS the first day of our challenge. I'm excited!
Anyone doing anything special with their hair (new protective styles, new DCs, new moisturizers, etc) for the upcoming week?


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Well, I'm going to be bunning all week and moisturising daily. I'm still waiting for my hair steamer though....getting anxious... Oh hair steamer, where are thou!!!


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I'm going to ATTEMPT to do a roller wrap so I can do a comparison shot with my hair at the beginning of my transition a year ago. We'll see how well that turns out... Other than that, I'm braided under my wig and juicing twice a day. I upped my exercise and am on a meal plan to try and get healthier and lose weight so I hope that helps my hair also! *crosses fingers*


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[place holder] I would love to join! Hope it's not too late lol.. I'm mobile right now so I'll update and add pics tomorrow if I get the ok from OP :yep: :grin:


Transition Over
This week, I plan on returning to my fall/winter regimen. I know it's kind of early, but I should get back into the swing of things, because fall is coming. So this week, I'm going to be baggying nightly and sealing + bunning daily. Besides combing every two days, there won't be any other manipulation going on past that. :yep: