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MBL Challenge 2011


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I'm ending the year with my longest layer @ MBL! My layers span from APL to MBL. here's my ending pic:

Congrats to everyone that made it!


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CONGRATS! To all the ladies that made MBL this year!!!

I didn't quite make it but I am happy with my progress. My hair is cut in layers which I like (top layer at APL and bottom layer about 1" away from MBL)

Here's my length as of today:


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My before and after pic. The first one is from November 2010. The second one is from a couple of hours ago so that's roughly 14 months. I didn't make MBL but at least I'm a full BSL - my hair stretches further down past my bra if I were to pull it; most likely due to my new growth (I'm transitioning).

November 27, 2010 ~ relaxer touch up

January 22, 2012 ~ roller set (and blow out on roots) of 8 months post hair
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