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MBL 2013 Challenge!


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I'm at the bottom of my bra strap (I was at least...)

But I don't think that's MBL on me anyway...

I'll see on December 30th lol


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Not MBL... Hoping I will be by the Spring. ..March or April. I am pleased with the condition of my hair though



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So I decided to take a pic without a bra on to see where on back my hair falls. The top of the towel is the start of my natural waist, do you guys think I made it? I think I just scraped it :yep:

On another note although I've been sweating out a fever this past week, not washed my hair for 3 weeks and also notably under processed from my Dec TU, even with these things taken into consideration, I still haven't made BSL :lachen:


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Well here is my end of the year update. I don't think I made my goal but I am past bra strap length definitely on my way to MBL. Congratulations to all the ladies who participated in this challenge.


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