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It's time to join the family!


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Hi everyone!

I have been lurking for a little while now and have learned so much from you ladies already!! Since I"ve been lurking my hair has been doing so well!! I've seen more positive changes to my hair in the past few months than I've seen in the longest time. I am growing out a Halle Berry type cut and am transitioning from relaxed to texturized. I have not put together an album yet but I will be doing that soon. Some of the best things I"ve learned are:

1. Staying away from Scissor Happy Stylists!
- I cannot believe I could not see how harmful those 'trims' a.k.a. cuts were to my progress...grow an inch+cut and inch = no length progress
-I have now changed hair stylists!

2.Choosing the right product
-I never EVER would have thought that I could use products such as suave, NTM and Nexxus. Thouse products make my hair feel LOVELY...i'm still trying different products though (its the PJ in me lol)

3.Daily Moisture
-now my hair isnt as dry as before lhcf and looks much healthier (still searching for the best daily moisturizer for my hair though)

All I can say is I am sooo happy to have found lhcf! All of you ladies are such inspirations! I've even begun telling a few friends about this site. Happy Holidays to all of you!


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Thanks again for the welcome! I'm so happy to have found this site!! I'll have an album together before the end of the month!