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Is It All About Trial & Error? How Do U Know?


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Hi Ladies,

Being 1 month in my natural journey has been great so far. I'm trying new things almost every day. However, I have a question about moisture/protein. As you can see from my siggy, I don't have hair (well, not alot anyway :lachen:), so I can afford to "experiment." How do I know if my hair needs protein? I know too much moisture gives you mushy hair and I know too much protein results in hard/crunchy hair. But to be honest, my hair which is mostly 4b doesn't really give me signs. How do I find the right balance? Do I say, "ok, let's do a protein DC today" or "let's focus on moisture today"?

I love the fact that I am learning and I honestly love this site and you all for the wealth of hair knowledge that I receive by the different threads. Here is my regimen:

1. Co-wash almost nightly with Suave Almond & Shea Butter Cond or Giovanni SAS Deeper Moisture Cond
2. Moisturize with ORS Carrot Oil & seal with Castor Oil

1.Wash weekly (Sundays) with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo, DC w/heat with ORS Replenishing Pak or ORS Hair Mayo
2. Moisturize with ORS Carrot Oil & seal with castor oil or CD's Mimosa Hair Honey.

I have always been a PJ, even before LHCF, and if you think I should alter pls suggest :yep:. I need to cut this habit though bc hair products are breaking my pockets! TIA
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Well, the easiest way for me to know I'm getting a good protein / moisture balance is to use Ph balanced products for my hair. The best Ph range for hair is to stay close to the natural Ph of hair, which is 4.5 - 5.5. Water is more alkiline than our hair's Ph, that's why water tends to soften our hair. Water has a Ph of 7.


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Love your short cut. I was doing a little research and read that naturals TYPICALLY won't need as much protein as perhaps you did with chemicals. That being said, each person is different. How does your hair feel after using protein products? soft or hard? If it feels hard, crunchy or rough - then you need more moisture. If it feels soft and manageable, then protein does you good.

For me, I am not a protein lover, so moisture is the key. I also co-wash regularly like you with a moisture condish so once a week or less frequent protein condish is plenty.

Good luck with it. I am also a PJ and about to run out and feed my PJ-ism now. LOL