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Hits & Misses December 2013


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Hits & Misses December 2014

Hey divas
List what's working and what's not this month.

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Continued Hit
Conditioner Oil Cowashing
ACV Oil Rinses

These two leave my hair so soft, well conditioned without any greasy feelings whatsoever.
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Major hits
Oyin honey hemp- the Best conditioner I've ever used. Melts tangles like butta.
Oyin Black Friday shipping- order on Friday received on Monday. Can't beat that

Alikay naturals honey and sage dc- so moisturizing
Denman thermo brush- better than the comb chase method
Redken gloss- light weight , not sticky and leaves my hair perfectly straight

Alikay naturals shipping cost- $12 for 2 conditioners?! Nope no thanks.


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Re: Hits & Misses December 2014

New Hit
Denman free flow brush. This is much better for my hair than the regular denman.

Continued hits
APB hair pudding and LI
Using up my stash

Missing CM's sale :sad:


haulin hard in the paint
Did you mean to change the year curlyhersheygirl?

Soultanicals Knot Butta on dd's week old flat ironed hair. So soft. No reversion.

My Honey Child Buttery Soy on dd's flat iron. Super soft hair without reversion.

The smell of Hairveda Almond Glaze. They took away the Sweet almond scent. Now you can smell the castor oil. :nono:

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Eta: saw the other thread.
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