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Hair Butter by Pooka


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Pooka Pure and Simple has a hair butter made of olive n shea butter... wondering if anyone has used it?!?!?


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Yep..I purchased several products a few years ago. They had a booth at 1 of my sorority conventions. Products smell good, but didn't do anything special for my skin/hair. Ended up throwing it away.


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I've used it! I loved how it smelled and it was a nice pomade for the hair. I really liked it (good sign is I used the whole jar). I would definitely purchase it again. A good alternative to traditional hair grease and it may be on the pricey side for some, but is a good product.


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Yes. I got some. Did not try it yet. For some reason I am scared. :drunk: Don't know if my hair would like it or not. Looks and feels very greasy.

VERY PRICEY for that small jar I must add. Also, has a strong Lemon smell to me.