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Carol's Daughter-What she recommends.

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Carol\'s Daughter-What she recommends.

I hope no one posted this already...It's an article about Carol's Daughter's founder and her products.

I've never used her products, but I'm wondering about some of her comments. (Especially the coconut oil). What do you guys think?

Natural Woman: The Creator of Carol's Daughter Talks Hair

NiaOnline Presents...
Natural Woman:
The Creator of Carol's Daughter Talks Hair
For years, New York's Brooklynites believed that Carol's Daughter was
their own little secret. But thanks to glowing word-of-mouth publicity
and the advances of technology, now anyone can have access to this
emporium of delicious-smelling, all-natural miracle salves. Owner Lisa Price
has also kept smiles on the faces of countless women (including Erykah
Badu and Jada Pinkett Smith) with her still-expanding line of hair
So what better person than this mother of two, wife, and entrepreneur
to give NiaOnline the lowdown on the best lotions, oils, soaps, and
balms for Black women's hair?

The Not So Great . . .
Using herself as a guinea pig, Price first discovered which
ingredients--many of them widely available in what she calls mainstream
products--were not beneficial to Black hair. Here are the main culprits:
Coconut oil: "Our hair tends to hold on to it, and coconut oil can go
rancid very easily," explains Price. "If it's hot outside, hair will
start to smell bad."
Sodium laureth sulfate: "We are encouraged to believe that shampoo is
meant to be thick, but it's not," she says. "Sodium laureth sulfate,
which acts as a thickener, is supposed to be a gentle cleanser, but for
many hair types it's not gentle at all."
Mineral oil and petroleum: These ingredients tend to "coat Black
textured hair, acting as a barrier" against beneficial ingredients and
. . . and the Terrific
Once she'd weeded out what would not be going into her creations, Price
quickly discovered which ingredients worked like a charm, including
Shea butter: "Magical, natural butter" is how Price describes this
increasingly popular ingredient, which is now added to many mainstream
beauty and hair products. "It is a great all-purpose ingredient that works
from head to toe." She uses it in many of her hair items, including the
top-selling Healthy Hair Butter (8 ounces; $7), which is excellent for
women with chemically straightened hair. For a lightweight,
conditioning style aid, try Lavett & Chin's Hair Oil with shea butter and
lemongrass ($32).
Rosemary oil: An excellent detangler. "Once, before Carol's Daughter, I
left braids in my hair for a very long time. A woman I knew told me to
squeeze rosemary essential oil into my hair and pull the matted braids
apart." It worked so well that when she opened her own company, she
introduced Rosemary Mint Shampoo (8 ounces; $7), a great item for women
who wear their hair braided. A version by Aveda (visit aveda.com for
locations; $11) will also keep locks squeaky clean.
Lavender: A good all-purpose essential oil. "It works whether your hair
is oily or dry, dandruff or no dandruff." It is found in the Carol's
Daughter product Mimosa Hair Honey (8 ounces; $12), one of Price's
recommendations for women with locks. Also good for keeping dreads nourished
is Herbal Oil (khamitkinks.com; $8) by Manhattan natural-hair salon
Khamit Kinks.
Ylang-ylang essential oil: Promotes hair growth. A main ingredient in
the Carol's Daughter product Khoret Amen Hair Oil (4 ounces; $12), it
works so well that "women tell me they won't use the oil because it makes
their hair grow too fast," Price says, "and they don't want to
constantly touch up their relaxers or braids." Also chock-full of ylang-ylang
is Kusco-Murphy Rinse ($18), an all-natural moisturizing conditioner for
dry or damaged hair.
For Carol's Daughter products, either log on to carolsdaughter.com or
visit the store at 1 South Elliot Place in Brooklyn, New York's Fort
Greene neighborhood.

--Ayana Byrd, NiaOnline's resident beauty and hair expert, is the
coauthor of Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America (St.
Martin's; $12.95)


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Re: Carol\'s Daughter-What she recommends.


I don't think this was ever posted and thank you for doing so. I enjoyed reading the excerpt a lot.

I've tried the Mimosa Hair Honey and have to say that it did not agree with my hair or my nose. I did not care for the odor and I thought it did next to nothing for my hair. I had read a lot on other hair boards like NC about Carol's Daughter and wanted to see for myself. I'd read some raves, but I'd also read where some people had mixed feelings.

With the comments below, I think that's interesting about the coconut oil because regular coconut oil does not have a short shelf-life with proper storage condtions. I would make the comment she did depending on the TYPE of coconut oil used and how the oil was used itself.

With the shea butter, I think some people have a a hard time working with it by itself. I find it much easier to use the butter mixed with an oil like jojoba or avocado regardless of how I'm using it. I don't do well with straight shea butter, but I do wonderfully with liquid shea butter. I was reading something a while ago which actually indicated that to get the true benefits of shea, hydrogenation was preferable. I just thought that was interesting.

I love the comment about ylang ylang essential because I know that's true: promotes hair growth, and wonderful to keep a great moisture level in your hair, also highly reparative. I think it's one of the most forgotten essentials in terms of hair care. It's wonderful in a final rinse for your hair, too...very similar to sandalwood, but not nearly as expensive.

Thanks again for your post /images/graemlins/grin.gif




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Re: Carol\'s Daughter-What she recommends.

Thanks CarmenRose for sharing this information. It is greatly appreciated. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

The only thing I have is the Healty Hair Butter that I ordered after reading her site and asking questions about it. It was making my hair kinda of dry though. I think it's the Beeswax that's in it, I don't know. I haven't used any of her other products yet.


Re: Carol\'s Daughter-What she recommends.

Living in NY I have been able to visit her store in BK and have tried many of her products some I liked and some I won't touch with a ten foot pool.

I thought it was interesting that she said the Healthy Hair Butter was for chemically straightened hair. I've tried this product and I know other women with relaxed hair that have also tried this product with the same conclusion IT'S TOO HEAVY. I've read reviews from women with natural hair who love this product. So it seems to me the opposite is true.


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Re: Carol\'s Daughter-What she recommends.

A few years ago, I bought some virgin coconut oil from SNowdrift Farms (I think). I also bought some of thier 76 degree conut oil (remember that Hiddy?) . I bought that in a 1 or 5-gallon quantity--I can't remember but it wa a HUGE quantity. At any rate, both of them lasted me well over a year and the virgon coconut oil smelled just as lovely as the day it arrived at my house. Sometimes, I would put some on my finger to taste the oil. /images/graemlins/lick.gif

So, I personally haven't had a rancidity problem with coconut oil. Just thought I'd share.


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Re: Carol\'s Daughter-What she recommends.

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Fashionista said:
Living in NY I have been able
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Re: Carol\'s Daughter-What she recommends.

I use 2 of her products... The Mimosa Hair Honey, which I like, but have found something else to use instead(my own stuff). I do love The Healthy Hair Butter but it only works well when I wear my hair natural..it must be wet and I use an oil on my hair before I use this. It leaves my hair with a white coating, but when my hair dries is has a nice moisturized sheen(like I have today). If I don't use this my natural curls just aren't the same. I don't like it at all when I wet set cause it makes my hair hard(too heavy). I disagree though with her comment on coconut oil.


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Re: Carol\'s Daughter-What she recommends.

Will someone please shoot me the link to Carol's Daughter's products? Thanks....