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Carol's Daughter Hair Butter?!?!?!?!?!!


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I have been thinking about ordering Carol's Daughter Hair Butter online but first I wanted to hear some reviews about it. I tried searching but didn't really have any results. Is it similiar to Elasta QP Mango Butter? For those who have tried hair butter, how do you use it? Can you "grease" your scalp with it? Use on wet or dry hair? Can I get some insight about this product please ladies?! Thanks

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The CD butter isn't at all like the EQP Butter. The CD is heavier and more oily/greasy while EQP is light and creamy. I didn't care for the CD Butter (herby smell) and it was a little too greasy IMO. Still, I think products like that would work best on damp hair. If I used it on my dry hair, it just sat there. HTH.


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I personally like it. I used it to "grease" my scalp when I was doing braid outs. It wasn't too greasy to me. I like the smell too. I think it depends on how much your hair likes oils and such. My hair soaks it in, which is why I can use castor oil on my hair on a daily.


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I don't find it excessively greasy...

In fact I add some oil to mine (per application, not right into the bottle) to make it creamier so that it spreads a little more easily. My batch was sort of crumbly....

Anyway, I use it as a hairline cream when I wear my hair in a bun because it IS too heavy - with or without added oil - to use on the length of my hair. IMO, it's far too heavy for any sort of use on the scalp proper. But that's just me....

Overall, the bottom line is it's a pretty heavy product. Mango butter is much lighter, but just so you have some perspective on my view - I wouldn't allow that to touch my scalp either.


I love this stuff!!! I use it only on wet hair and I use the Elasta on dry hair. I found that CD smooths on better on my wet hair, whereas Elasta makes my wet hair feel 'waxy', so I save it for retwisting dry hair. There are instructions to help reduce the 'herbal' smell which is by placing it in the refridgerator. This also helps to prolong the shelf life. I don't mind the smell, actually it's not bad at all. I think you should give it a try.