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Can these products be used on the hair?


I have two products that I'm not using and the ingredients are used in some hair care products. I'm wondering if you guys think these products could be used on the hair.

1. Carol's daughter - Sage and Shea Foot Butter - Ingredients: Shea butter, cocao buter, beeswax, olive oil and essential oils of sage, reosemary, peppermint, ceaderwood and tea tree.

2. Carol's daughter - Face Butter For Dry Skin - Ingredients: Water, corn oil, soy oil, beeswax, shea buter, sweet almond oil, coca butter, sodium borate (a mineral emulsifier), wheat germ oil, essential oils of carrot seed, fennel, and tagetes (calendula).



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I probably wouldnt, just because I would rather use them for what they are for. Most of the Carol's Daughter products have similar beneficial ingredients, but I think youll be better off just using her actual hair products. I use the face butter all the time and the texture of it would cause me not to want to use it on my hair. Its very thick and not that easy to spread, it does make my face GLOW though.


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The beeswax in these products makes me skeptical about using them on hair, as beeswax easily builds up and is practically impossible to remove.