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April 2021: Hits & Misses


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Barely Miss
The Mane Choice Minty Guava and Kiwi Shampoo
This would not have been a miss if 1. the shampoo wasn't so minty and loved to get in my eyes and 2. I didn't have to use so much during wash day but I have to because it's so runny. I might try the detangling shampoo from the original line next or try that Design Essentials Shampoo everyone seems to rave about.

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  • tangles and beyond don’t leave me curls collection.
    The shampoo felt so freaking moisturizing but with tons of suds. The moisture rinse was nice and slightly detangling. Only con is it needs to be in a spray bottle. The leave in conditioner is very creamy but the styling lotion was tad bit creamier and spread better.


tangles and beyond :confused:


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New Hit

Parker J’s
Healing Hibiscus Deep Conditioner

I combined this with the Shea Moisture High Porosity Masque, Belle Bar Organics Waikiki & Rio, and 1 tbsp of Organic Amla Oil and my hair felt amazing. The Parker J smells like strawberries.

FHI Heat Unbrush

This detangling brush beat my Felicia Leatherwood brush. Hmmm maybe I love them equally.... but this brush gave me the fastest two-strand twist ever.
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Olaplex 0 and 3. I've used them 3 washes in a row and I lose much less hair when I detangle. Main two reasons I don't plan to use every wash day are 1) It adds another step and I'm all about having short wash days and 2) price but I'm keeping track of how many uses I'll get per bottle. So far I'm not yet half way through either.


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Pattern Beauty Lightweight Conditioner
Pattern Beauty Curl Gel

Other than the amazzzzinggg smell of her products, Tracee finally got it right with the lightweight condish. Its absolutely going to be my staple for WNGs! It doesn't sit but melts into my hair and when I say a little goes a long way I really mean that, lol. I will use out the medium condish and stock up on the Lightweight Condish for all of my WNGs going forward. This has officially replaced my Suave Coconut condish for these summer WNGs.

I am also in love with her Curl Gel. I think this will officially replace The Mane Choice's gels I bought (the Buttery Gel and Gel-ato). It keeps my curls in place and popping for days at a time (with the help of using silk pillows at night, lol). I next want to try Tracee's Strong Hold Gel to see if it can stand up to Ecco's Flaxseed/Black Castor Oil gel.

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Africa’s Miracle Rosemary Basil cowash. It felt like a diluted shampoo. Not a cowash. My hair was squeaky feeling upon rinsing. It’s not a bad thing but not what I was expecting with a cowash.

As I Am Colored hair gel looks very fake-ish to me. Maybe it’s just this color. I have a red one to try out.


Africa’s Miracle Avococo Bentonite Mask. Immediately returned moisture to my hair after the cowash. I only had it in a few minutes as a conditioner. Interested to see how it works with some steam.