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2020-2021 Pre Poo Challenge


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Hot oil treatment: Growth diy oil on scalp, almond oil on length

I will layer it with HE HH conditioner
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I should join this as well since I prepoo every wash day. I normally use the Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner but lately I've been trying out the Melanin Hair Care Leave-In. I wanna see how I can incorporate Ayurveda products into my prepoo so I might try some products that have already been mentioned here.


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I hydrated some fenugreek with a tea of hibiscus, brahmi, fenugreek, rose petal powder. I mixed and left for about 11hrs, then strained.

I'm prepooing with the plain mix on my scalp, and a mix on the length of my hair. I mixed with my onion skin tonic and a squeeze and scoop of a two DCs- Hair Feast and CR Algae Renew).

Will sleep in this, wrapped in cling film and scarf.