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2019 Steaming For Moisturized And Healthy Hair!


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I just brought the Red Pro table top steamer. Its coming in the mail. I had the professional steamer with the wheels but it won't fit in my apartment so I left it at my mom's house. My hair is going through a funk and I was wracking my brain to try to remember the times my hair flourished the most and I remembered it was when I was steaming. There are not that many options for tabletop steamers so I hope I choose a good one that will at least last me a year. My solution to getting the back of my head is sitting sideways or backwards on the chair, worked like a charm.


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My Red Pro table top steamer came Yay! I like it. A lot of steam comes out of it. It’s kinda loud, but I remember reviewers saying that. The steamer works for about 20-25 minutes before it automatically cuts off which I don’t mind becuase I generally DC for that long anyway. If I sit normally it doesn’t get the back of my head so I have to sit sideways with my head facing the steamer. My hair was crazy soft afterwards. I haven’t steamed in over a year since I moved. Man, was my hair missing out! I had way less breakage and tangles. I steamed with Soutanicals Curltastic deep conditioner.


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I know right? I was just thinking I only have a few jars left. :crying3:
Me Too.:crybaby:...:cry4:

I have exactly x2 jars left. :(

I'm glad my HV Cart for the most part was on Swole before this happened, so it should take me a minute to get through all of it, but I have x1-x2 of certain things, but once my stash is gone...Imma:cry3: