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2017- Steaming To Boost Moisture


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I steamed my hair yesterday

What I did was apply Shea butter and then Blue Magic Organics (W/ Shea butter, jojoba, and japanese tea leaves), stretch my hair in a ponytail and went to sleep. Then in the morning about 7 hrs later I then added a moderate amount of cantu shea leave in and steamed it in. After I applied heat protectant(s) and blow dried my hair on warm it came out verrrrrrrrrrry smooth, soft and moisturised. I usually steam with deep conditioner as the last step, but I did it first in my routine. Moving forward I think I will just steam with leave in conditioner. I hate jumping in and out of the shower.
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So I purchased a hand-held garment steamer with a facial steamer function to use in anticipation of my intended attempt to transition.

If my roots prove to be indeed lo po and difficult to moisturize I will be joining this challenge. Meanwhile I'll continue to lurk here to learn about all the different ways you ladies use your steamers.

Just purchased a similar steamer on a whim. I didnt expect it to produce much steam. I am pleased with the mist.

How is everyone using the steamer? I guess I will check out YouTube to see how others are incorporating this into their regimen.


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Steamed for 30 minutes after a Henna/Indigo treatment. I steamed using Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Mask because it one of my most moisturizing conditioners.


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Hot oil treatment with coconut oil for 15 minutes. After shampooing, I steamed again for 30 minutes using Annabelle's Perfect Blend Keratin Protein Treatment with Annabelle's Ultra Conditioning Souffle on top.