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  1. Ivonnovi

    BabyBliss Cryocare Brush

    Has anyone here tried this brush. It's available in the US at Ulta. ($150) ; Walmart ($134) BaBylissPRO CryoCare The ColdBrush Item 2569423 Though most reviews agree that it would be an "added step" in one's haircare routine, here's a review of it's effectiveness that...
  2. AmethystLily

    Does your hair thrive best in "out" styles or "protective" styles?

    Or do you feel that your techniques and/or types of products you use are more important to your hair health?
  3. faithVA

    Increase Your Hydration/moisture Levels Challenge 3/15 - 6/15

    This is a 90 day challenge to increase your hairs hydration/moisture levels. Regardless of your starting point, to succeed you must have a consistent routine. With that said, this challenge requests you check in weekly to let us know what you are up to and share any progress or tips. ANSWER THE...
  4. TajBabii711

    Gonna Try Silk Pressing My Hair For The First Time!

    Or maybe I should say silk pressing for the first time with the correct tools and such. I have tried multiple times in the past to press my hair out with no success. Why? Probably because I was using ceramic flat irons on my 4B hair, which I didn’t realize was a no-no, then I’d get discouraged...
  5. Shavonn

    Second Day And Beyond Moisture

    Hey all, How do you get moisture to your roots and inner hair (lol) on the second day and beyond? When I wash and go, the inside of my puff is not readily accessible to product. I try to work my fingers in there but I know I miss a lot of it. My daughter has taken to sporting a fro so I've been...
  6. axumey

    Help!! Extreme Shedding&breakage After Protein And Moisture Overload :-((

    It all started when i was doing a selfmade protein treatment in august. I used some Whey Protein Powder and mixed it with water. I let it sit in my hair until it got hard and washed it out. Everything was fine until i decided to do it again (2 or 3 weeks later i dunno anymore). My hair started...
  7. K

    Moisturizing The Hair

    Quick question ....How many times do you ladies moisturize your hair a day???
  8. Rozlewis

    2016 - Steaming To Boost Moisture

    Hi Ladies, The beginning of a new year gives us an opportunity to set new goals. If you desire to retain moisture, increase length and reduce breakage you should join us. Steam treatments have many benefits and can help you better manage your new growth which results in easier detangling...
  9. Prettymetty

    2016 Hair Goals

    A new year is around the corner. This is a great time to improve our regimens and start some New Years hair resolutions. What hair goals do you have for 2016? *Thickness *length *retention *more moisture *strength *no trimming *no/low heat *more protective styles *overall health and beauty...
  10. Froreal3

    ~~~2016 Delectable Deep Condition Challenge~~~

    Let's start the new year off right by treating our hair to some delectable, delicious nourishment ladies! 2016 DEEEEP CONDITION to the MAX!!! Deep conditioning is an excellent way to provide nourishment to your hair via moisture and/or protein. Maintain that moisture/protein balance and your...
  11. L

    No Moisture

    What should moisturize hair look and feel like? I know this is not:nono2: it on my head. Back in June I cut my BSL hair completely off due to getting micro twist for the first time. After getting them out (myself & daughter) I proceeded to wash it, which I later found out was a big no...