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hair challenge

  1. S

    Starting over from a shaved head - 4C

    A little over 10 years, I was on this website and I followed a hair regimen. My hair was thick, growing and thriving. I think the longest it grew to was just past bra strap length. Fast forward, I spent my late 20's being a little neglectful to my hair, constantly wearing weaves with very little...
  2. faithVA

    2021 Shoulder Length Challenge

    Post the following to join in What length are you now? What's your plan/regime to reach SL? How will you celebrate/reward yourself when you reach SL? Post your starting pic: ================================================================== We may not have many participants so please check...
  3. faithVA

    Sl 2016 Challenge

    For those of us that are continuing on from the 2015 challenge, let's make 2016 the year. For those of you joining for the first time, welcome. Post the following to join in What length are you now? Natural/Relaxed/Transitioning? What's your plan to reach SL? What's your regimen? How will...