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  1. faithVA

    2021 Shoulder Length Challenge

    Post the following to join in What length are you now? What's your plan/regime to reach SL? How will you celebrate/reward yourself when you reach SL? Post your starting pic: ================================================================== We may not have many participants so please check...
  2. SAPNK

    Chad- Chébé Powder Application On Type 4 Hair

    Video Description: Chebe powder application on type 4 hair. This woman was telling us that in opposition to many ethnic groups who don't wash their hair in her village they do wash their hair with soap once a month. You see how she stays away from the scalp while applying. She first apply a...
  3. kxlot79

    Ogx Niacin & Caffeine Line

    Hello Ladies! This new-to-me product line popped up on my radar when I was perusing the aisles of CVS. Now technically I'm supposed to be on a NoBuy til 2019, but there are a few things I effectively run out of. One category of items I like to keep in my rotation: scalp care. Sometimes it's...
  4. Shalay11

    Wild Growth Oil + Virgin Hair Fertilizer Results So Far

    So Im almost finish with this 4 month longterm protective style (crochet faux loc).. Ive been using a new growth combo that consists of wild growth oil and virgin hair fertilizer which seems to be doing very well...I still have a month to go before I take down, but as you can see in the video...
  5. Prettymetty

    2017 Bsl/mbl Challenge

    Lets grow ladies! 2017 is quickly approaching so mark your spot in this challenge. Like this post and comment below to join. Rules: 1. Drink water 2. Eat clean (whole foods) 3. Keep your ends moisturized 4. Wash or cowash/DC weekly 5. Massage scalp > once a week 6. Post starting pic 7...
  6. Sharpened

    Netwurks Xcel-21 (surge) On Ebay Uk

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NETWURKS-XCEL-21-HAIR-CARE-/112146597081?var=&hash=item1a1c7544d9:m:mZtOVdpGS9o97qGEkIJJ3Rw I posted something similar in the main thread, but I wanted to make sure anyone interested saw it.
  7. GGsKin

    2 Years Natural- Back Story Progress + Pics Pics Pics)

    My last relaxer was in August 2012. By the end of that year my hair would be in a pitiful condition. I was reckless to the point that my hair became over processed, and heat damaged. I'd also given myself a few bald patches for good measure (from misuse of clip-ins). Just bad bad bad. I...
  8. Shalay11

    4 Month Braid Protective Style/ Growth Oil Challenge Results

    I have not been on here in a long time..I believe the last time I posted was during my pregnancy. I just wanted to show those who are longterm protective styling my progress from a few different styles I did. This first one was 4 months long wearing box braids! This was the results for that...
  9. K

    My Story & Healthy Hair Growth Challenge

    Hi, I'm new here. Just wanted to tell my story and hope some of you will join me in my hair growth challenge. My hair is fine 4a/3c sensitive around my edges. I'm losing my hair thanks to stylist being too rough, not trimming my ends properly and tight cornrows is thinning out my hair. I keep...
  10. Prettymetty

    2016 Hair Goals

    A new year is around the corner. This is a great time to improve our regimens and start some New Years hair resolutions. What hair goals do you have for 2016? *Thickness *length *retention *more moisture *strength *no trimming *no/low heat *more protective styles *overall health and beauty...