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Hip–Tailbone Length (HL–TBL) 2015-2016 Challenge!


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Washed, did a protein treatment, then deep conditioned with heat yesterday morning. I haven't used my hair dryer in probably 6 months. I'd forgotten how much of a difference using heat with your DC makes! Threw my hair in a bun after that and retwisted today.

I've started taking Saw Palmetto, just in case, for my temple issue and am doing scalp messages and steaming with oil. I also have some stuff from Komaza for your scalp...can't decide which to keep doing...maybe use the Bountiful Mane - a few days after washing...don't want to over do it then end up doing nothing...:look:


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@SmilingElephant your hair looks great. As your "the way our hair grows out" twin I love it!! You'll be back to hip soon, seems like you made it quick last time. Hope you are feeling better today :rose:

Your ladies are so freaking supportive! :grouphug:

I feel a little better today :)

I just pin my hair up in my Flexi Clips. I need to buy more. I plan on keeping up with my trims more often. I cut about 2 inches all around.


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@SmilingElephant your hair looks great. As your "the way our hair grows out" twin I love it!! You'll be back to hip soon, seems like you made it quick last time. Hope you are feeling better today :rose:

Thanks Sis! :hug2:

I keep looking at the pics and the one thing I AM happy about is the fact that it looks like it thickened up!:yep:

I'm gonna continue to take the Mielle Organics vitamins.


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I'm thinking I should go for TBL.

Anybody have any suggestions on a regimen or products to use? I had so many fairy knots and desperate looking ends. I wanna avoid that. :nono:

What about finding a way to keep your ends smooth and stretched? This has always been my thing. I'm not sure about products...maybe finding something that keeps your hair moistured yet strong?

My favs are Joico for washing/deep conditioning.
Curl Junkie as co-cleansing (not often) or as leave-ins.
Qhemet for sealing ends/moisturizers.
Neutral Protein filler as a protein treatment.


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After 2 weeks in my mini braids, my scalp was getting a lil funk-a-donkey. So I knew it was time for a good wash session.

So last night, I did an overnight treatment with Qhemet Olive and Amla something or nother.

This morning I washed with Joico Color Endure shampoo. I wanted to just co-cleanse because my hair was not dirty but didn't feel comfortable not using shampoo as I've been using that NW21 spray on my scalp. Wanted to make sure it was super clean. I washed in 2 sections and let the shampoo sit while I showered.

Towel dried to remove excess water, then deep conditioned for 30 minutes under my hooded dryer with Joico Moisture Recovery balm.

Used Curl Junkie Beauticurls as a leave in them sealed that in (focusing on my ends) with Qhemet honey balm.

Put my hair in 6 sections and added 2 rollers to each section to make sure my hair dries in a stretched and smooth state. I'm under the dryer now.

Tomorrow I will take down and rebraid the front just to neaten it up.

Wash day was just so easy. No detangling! :circle:


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@SmilingElephant, similar to what @lulu97 mentioned it sounds like your ends are dry and need some extra love! Your braid idea sounds like a good one and I would M&S every night even when the ends don't feel dry. I've found once my hair feels dry it's too late, I should have been moisturizing before it was dry to the touch. I also like the Qhemet burdock root as my "C" in the LCOB method and love the honey balm for my "O". Komaza has a new strengthening oil for ends that is great as well.


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Washed, DC'ed and retwisted last week. I used up the rest of the Komaza Super Mane Cuticle Repair and won't repurchase it for sure. It's marketed as a moisture / protein balancing conditioner but it makes my hair tangly and kinda weak...too much moisture maybe? I'm going to stick with using their protein treatment and Jessicurls DC.


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The Komaza Aloe My Hair Growth Serum did not play nice with the QB CCTDG so I ended up with a ton of white flakes in my roots :( . Yesterday I took down all of my twists for the first time since September 2015 so I could comb all that gunk out. Had to use a lot of my oil mix, a fine tooth comb and a denman brush. It took about 3 hours.

There's good news though...

Seeing my hair down for the first time in a year reminded me how much hair I actually have:afropick:. Today it was nice and soft from the oil so I combed it out again in sections and cut another 1 to 1.5 inches off. I'm still right at waist length which means my hair has grown about that much since mid-October when I cut the same amount :drunk:. Not sure if it's the growth serum or what but I'll take it! I'm done cutting now. All those wispy ends that were driving me crazy are gone.

After cutting I "reverse washed" it (saw a video EllePixie did on it so thought I'd try it out). Did my scalp treatment and protein first, then moisture DC, washed my scalp with a shampoo bar and lightly washed the length. Air drying now in 6 braids. I'll put my twists back in.