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Homemade dog shampoo

January 19, 2022

   When it comes to the ones we care about the most, we will stop at nothing to give them the very best even if they are a dog. It is frightening and worrisome to find out that products that we use on our loves ones are dangerous. More and more research is being done to find out exactly what damage is done by the harmful chemicals in commercial dog shampoo. That is why more and more people are stepping away from commercial chemicals and looking to a more natural approach. Homemade dog shampoo is not just another fad, but the way of the future.

   At one point, every dog has had a flea problem. Fleas are a parasite that live in our pets immediate surroundings and feed off of our furry friends. Fleas cause incessant itching, and even allergies in some. The most common form of flea control is through chemicals. The chemicals are applied topically, either while the animal is dry or during a bath. Even though these chemicals are capable of killing our pets if ingested, we still apply them. There is no need to buy a chemical laden dog shampoo, when you can order the supplies needed to make your own homemade dog shampoo.

   Essential oils have many wonderful benefits that will surprise you. Soapwort root is known for its healing properties, and will easy the itching from flea bites. Roman Chamomile is a great essential oil used to calm the nerves and muscle pain. Geranium is useful in repelling ticks, which will lessen the chance of your dog getting Lyme disease. Lavender is a great anti-bacterial and also alms itching. You can buy essential oils from most health food stores or order it online and make your natural homemade shampoo.

   A good homemade flea shampoo recipe is:
- 2,25 cups of water (distilled is preferred, but not necessary)
- 1,25 teaspoons of the essential oil soapwort root
   Add the 2,25 cups of water to a pot and set on high heat. When water beings to boil, turn the heat down to low and add 1,25 teaspoons of soapwort root to the water. Cover the mixture and let simmer for about 20 minutes. Refrigeration of the mixture is best and will last about two weeks. It can be used just like the commercial shampoos, but with less worries.

   Most people have heard of homemade dog shampoo, but homemade dry dog shampoo might be foreign to them. A dry shampoo is often used in between bath times to keep the dog smelling fresh. A dry shampoo does not use water, and is often brushed in.
This homemade dry dog shampoo recipe can be customized based on the essential oil you prefer.
   1 16.oz box of corn starch
   1 2/3 cups of corn meal
   12 drops of your favorite essential oil
Mix these ingredients together in a sealable bag or container. Make sure they are mixed well before rubbing into your dogs' fur. Sprinkle mixture over Fido and brush in. Wait about 5-10 minutes and then brush out.

   Caring for your dog does not have to be expensive. The ingredients in the homemade dog shampoo recipes above can be ordered online or you can buy them at your local stores. The more you know about what you put on your pet, the better you can ensure their safety.

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