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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


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Well BF purchases are shipping.:drunk:

I think my x2 Slaps shipped already, Curl Origin, Liquid Gold shipped my CRN is here.

Waiting on a few additions:
Kindred Butters
Mielle Organics
Bask & Bloom

*All more than I wanted/needed to buy - but all good deals imo*:look:..:eek:
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Just bought from www.loveamika.com and I blame @Saludable84 for this one by the way:

normcore daily duo signature shampoo + conditioner

quantity x1 set

Triple Rx Shampoo

300ml / 10.1 oz

quantity x1 bottle

Nourishing Mask

500ml / 16.9 oz x2 jars

They have 40% off on some sale items. The last 2 are a part of that sale but the one at the top was only about 20% I think. I can't wait to try them.

The Amika Triple Rx smells divine :lick:. I have not yet tried it but maybe my next wash day, I will. My hair seems to love commercial hair products a lot so I believe I will enjoy them.

My total for all 4 items with the sale totaled only $84.94. That Nourishing Mask alone without the sale is $40 a jar, so good deal for me today :yep:.


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Hi ladies. :hiya: How is everyone doing?

Sorry I haven't been as active as I'd like this week but I am trying to at least read some postings before heading to bed. This is my busy time of year and posting for me will be random when I have a little time on my hands.

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Me Either.:eek:

I guess I'll gone & ride it out until Moms-Day. She always has the same basic 25%.o_O

I'll re-evaluate it then.

I did want some abcdefghijklmnop Butter too tho' :look:

I have MHC Buttery Soy, Type4, Almond Glaze etc..
I'm going on a no buy January 1st. Only reups if I run out of henna/clay/vitamins . I'm going to cycle through the stash and make some headway. I like the stunnababez rice water but I have other ones to get through and then I'll go back to it. @IDareT'sHair