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Suggestion Unable To Access The Full Site


Genius never dies!

Nichelle02 sent me this message:

Serenity -

I am SO sorry to bother you but I'm hoping you can post a message for me in this thread: https://longhaircareforum.com/threads/unable-to-access-the-full-site.766979/#post-21714275C
I can't access the site and can only message people that I have messaged before.

Can you please let Beverley know that I renewed my membership a week ago (paid twice due to system issues) and still cannot access the site or post. I sent an email and opened a ticket but there hasn't been a response.

Thank you so much!

She has paid to renew her membership but is still unable to get on. She is locked out.

Thanks you!!



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Can I just say that this is obviously an issue that needs to be addressed. I paid my renewal almost 4 days ago and I'm just today getting my access back. That's ridiculous. Is there a disclaimer somewhere that says how long it takes to get access to the site? I've never waited this long...and if I wasn't able to send a private message I would still be waiting. But lhcf sure did take the money out of the account with no problems :confused:


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@Dposh167 I sent you an a detailed email explanation for why this occurred , did you not get it ? if you have a concern about anything related to this forum, please feel free to contact via private message or email. Per the forum rules calling out people or being disrespectful to me or other members may result in your account being suspended. Thank you.


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All: If anyone contacts you with a subscription/access issue please have them to email me at the customer service email address which is listed in paypal - [email protected] instead of posting their name in this thread.

Many issues that have been posted were resolved prior to me seeing the post on here since the user also contacted me at my email address. I just failed to mention that before. This method helps me to address issues more efficiently and timely. Thanks!