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Random Hair Thoughts/Thinking out loud


My treatment has worn off already. Probably because of the clear rinse. I’m embracing the volume though. As long as I can lay these edges and make it look somewhat smooth I’m ok

Bette Davis Eyes

Melanated Queen
Stop throwing shade on what other people do once you get a platform.

I remember when you were on the forums trying to figure your hair out and making comments that your SO couldn't stand how your hair looked.

If folks wanna lay on their necks, soak their hair in rice, and add emu oil to every place where hair grows thats their business.
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Texlaxed, loccing again
I am so sick of my hair. To keep from shaving it all off, I instead cornrowed it down to keep under a wig.

As a recovering scissor/clipper addict, I can tell you that this approach definitely works! I used to call it protecting my hair from myself. Lock it away for 3-4 weeks. Take it down wash and DC. Then lock it back away. GL to you!