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Please Share Pics of Your Protective Styles Here


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So my ends have been looking so thin which got on my last nerve & I cut above apl...sigh...now my ends still look thin ugh...anyway. I decided that its time for me to hide me hair because it became depressing....wigs are the best protective style imo.




This is the wig I will be wearing daily.
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China you are so pretty. Dd was looking when I was looking and said you're pretty and she's 3! :lol:

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Oh, I guess I should have posted my protective bun here! (also in everyday hair thread) All bun, no filler!:grin:
This is my first attempt at this style. So I'll work on perfecting it.
I'll be wearing something similar all summer. It's too hot for my wigs, and I'm tired of being dependent on someone to braid my hair!

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