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Suggestion Music forum or Subforum please


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Hi Mods, Can we please have a home for us Music lovers? A place to discuss current hits, oldies, various genres, favorite artists, etc. Whether you love the 70's, 80's, 90's whatever, Music is such a fun topic that takes you back to that special moment in time. We can also discuss up and coming artists or established artists' new music.
Perhaps the Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston threads can somehow be fused in or attached to it.
Every Thursday we can do a Throwback Thursday song of the day. lol. :yep:
It's so funny, I'm not a music fanatic but when I get in my moods, I listen to music from the 60's to today...it puts me in a good mood or calms me down a crappy day.
I hope we can get this. Thanks :)


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I'm all for it! I have a special channel that plays sould and r&b music from back in the days, it's the only one I listen to on my TV.


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That would be great! Music tends to get lost in the other forums: entertainment, off-topic etc.

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