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MHM Hangout


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Thanks @msbettyboop

The first one won't be an option for me because as my hair gets longer, I big chopped recently, my hair is thick and I will use up that 8 ounces easily and it's 30 bucks for that little amount.

I will look into the second link, I think I would rather make my own rhassoul clay concoction.


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Yesterday's simple mix was
2 tbsp of Rhassoul
Lemon juice
Water until I got the creamy consistency I wanted.
Left it in for a couple of hours and spent some time under the dryer as well.
If you all remember the effects of clay are cumulative. While my hair is much more hydrated than before the process, its definitely not at maximum hydration. Still thirsty just not as much as before.


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I got time & fresh rhassoul. 'Bout to revive this MHM.
Since I'm in quarantine, I also thought this was the perfect time to do the MHM. This is the first time I'm doing the MHM on my hair (currently transitioning). Just finished Day 3. I'm shooting for doing this 7 days in a row.
Interested in see if this will help with ssk.