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losing hair...


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i've been noticing that at the crown of my scalp the part seems wider. i don't know if it's due to the phoneytail i wore for 5 yrs, or the fact that i used to scratch that part of my head alot.
is there something you ladies can recommend i take or put directly on it to make the hair come back?


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i used to have thinning at the hairline from pulling my bun too tight. i first used just Vitamin E oil on it. it worked well. now i use a mix of Vitamin E oil and rosemary on it. that works SO well!! i put it in a small pump bottle and would massage it on daily. now that it's better, i just put it on when i think of it.


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try not to pull your ponytail so tight, try vitamin e and the area that is thining and over time you should see results.