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Is Anyone Planning Hair Care Purchases For Black Friday?


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50% off with code EAPFriday. The half off is off the subtotal, taxes and shipping are added to that. Ya'll I ended up ordering 4 EAPs: 1/2 inch ceramic, 1 inch ceramic, 1 inch titanium, 1 3/4 inch ceramic. The sale said starts on 11/29 but when I checked the site around 8PM EST on 11/28 and the code already worked. I still waited until Midnight EST just in case(they had changed the bundles a few times this week so I wanted to make sure a better bundle didn't pop up before I purchased) and didn't have any issues with what I wanted being sold out or anything.

I also ended up getting my baby some Gabby Bows(No code only the special link worked) https://gabbybows.com/pages/mommy-a...sLmNvbSIsICJrbF9jb21wYW55X2lkIjogIk5pNExmQiJ9
This is more than I would typically spend on little girl barrettes. I have never bought a little girl pack of barrettes for more than a dollar a pack at the beauty supply and those packs usually include more than this brand does. However, I like the backstory so I bought the bundle.

Off to see if there are any good Dyson sales, but I honestly meant what I said. Unless I see a phenomenal deal I am cool on it until the reviews are better.
Going to look at Sally's and few other random site today just in case but I have what I want. I just am not against caving to a good sale.
I'm torn between the 1" titanium and the 1 3/4 ceramic. I would love titanium, but one inch seems like it would take forever to get through my head!


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My Oyin order from Tuesday came today (Friday). They are not playing! My son has started using my Whipped Pudding so I had to order some more of that plus my other staples from that line.

I had planned on ordering some more Soultanicals but pretty much everything on their website went out of stock yesterday when 50% off went live. I've been checking their website regularly today but they have not restocked anything. Their Facebook page says they will restock for Cyber Monday but I have a discount code that (conveniently for them) expires Sunday...


I'm eyeing TGIN's website right now but I've never used their products. My Soultanical money is burning a hole in my pocket.
I may look around and spend it elsewhere or I may just hold on to it ...


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I grabbed the EAP 1 inch titanium! I skipped the warranty for $49:nervous2:

I think you made the right choice going with the one you really wanted. mainly use 1 inch irons historically and I never feel like it takes too long to flat iron my hair. Now once I have the larger plated electric one I might see a difference in speed but I am not expecting a drastic one.


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I think she had that 60% off sale 2 months ago to not have to deal with the craziness of BF.
Well when she had that sale I was unprepared. On Monday she had a 35% sale and just days later she had the 60% off sale. I still bought 5 leave ins lol, but I think most people plan to buy during BF. That's when I usually stock up on haircare for at least half the year.. or whatever I want to try.

Nothing moved me to buy this year.


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Finally got my revair for the $299 discounted price!!! I currently have the revlon brush so anxious to get the revair to see if it delivers similar or better results. Also ordered several Kriya botanicals products which is a line based on hair porosity. I ordered both low and high porosity products as I believe the front of my hair is low and the back is high.. we shall see.


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I finally ordered the Revair. It should be in today. I also purchased the Caruso steam roller set again since I can't find the set bought in 2009.

My goal is to do more stretched out styles to hopefully preserve my ends. I'm so excited. Tomorrow I will do a hairathon.:toocool: