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How I Beat My Hair Shedding/loss Situation...

Discussion in 'Hair Loss' started by Lyriqq, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Jul 16, 2017
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    Ladies and Gents (If any), I stopped my hair from falling out by buying “Dasgro” hair vitamins from www.pureresultsnutrition.com
    Now their vitamins are a bit expensive but after my hair fell out (came out in clumps), I had to try something. When I say my hair stopped falling out completely after about 10 days. OMG! I used Dasgro for 6 months and i can honestly say those vitamins changed my life.
    I’m not being paid to tell you this and I’m definitely not advertising for them. I’m telling you some real ish! They WORK! So plz, if your hair is falling out or still falling out, try them...plz! You will not be sorry!
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