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Everyday Hair...The Pretty, The Nappy, The Crazy...Post Your Hair RIGHT NOW!!!


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yarn braids a month and some change old chillen at the house working

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Here's an update to my style posted earlier this week.

It did get Chaka Khan big but these winds in the DMV have been ferocious so I couldn't let it all hang out.


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OMG Silky!! Looking at your pix now and the ones from June, it's evident that your hair has grown SO MUCH!! You look great, girl!


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this has been me for the past few days.
not sure why i look so mad. :lol:

i got that small part shaved that small part a week ago.


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I love this thread ... plus I'm getting some really good styling ideas from it. Therefore, I'm doin' tha bump.

This is how I'm wearing my hair today. I moisturized my hair really well last night then put it in 8 twists, and then made bantu knots out of those. This is the result:



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Today's hair: another overnight bun-out.

This will be my last day wearing this style since I am nervous about creating too much tension with the buns and the rubberbands (even oiled) causing some breakage). I think I am going to braid for a braid-out tomorrow.


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Doing the bump!
I love this thread!
It has inspired me to include a Hair of the Day segment on my blog. Right now, it's just my hair, but I'd love to include others!
I hope more ladies will share, and I'm definitely going to be hitting some of you up for interviews on your Hair of the Day, so I hope some people will want to participate. :)


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BostonMaria and davisbr88- I wish I could rock a 'bun out':cry3:. IMO, my hair looks all kinds of crazy when I take it down from my buns:spinning:. I wouldn't dare post a pic:nono:. I love the wave pattern and definition you ladies are able to achieve through them. **sighing** Oh well, I will live vicariously through the 2 of you:yep::giggle:.


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Prudent1: What did you use when you bunned? I have to use a waterless product so that my hair doesn't revert and kink into the wave pattern. I used Donna Marie coconut glaze pomade on mine. And I just did a twist-out with similar results using Komaza Care coconut hair pudding.