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Do You Remember Surge 14 Hair Revitalizer?????


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Just stocked up on Xcel 21 just for the creme. I bought some creme a long time ago. I can't remember if I used it. I've just been using the spray. I just used the cream to detangle my hair which I was afraid was matting. It detangled like a dream. I'm in awe.


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Here you go!
That’s what gave it that bang and people was experiencing quick hair growth because of all that stimulation..They need to bring the original back..

*I see Ginseng is listed in the top 10 of its ingredient list..I have been adding panex ginseng to my diy mixes and you really notice a difference on your roots..

Happy Hair Growing!


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Thanks for sharing!:goodpost:

Dang! :censored:

The "New Netwurks" (XCel21) ain't got half the ingredients the OG has. XCel has a very abbreviated ingredients list and none of the delicious "herbs & spices":angry2:

@Aggie Come and look at the ingredients list of the OG Surge:nono:
Told ya so. Xcel 21 was a waste of my coins. That Surge 14 was so good it left my scalp tingling for hours.