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Adblocker Error Message


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This right here. On other content sites, it's typical to have ads for free users and for those ads to be removed if you subscribe. As a paying member, I assumed my annual subscription was what I contributed to help support the site, not ad clicks. Whilst the ads were always on the side, as someone with adblock I didn't give it much thought and don't believe I should have to.

If adblock isn't allowed even for paying for paying members now and the warnings are set to be this obnoxious for the foreseeable future, I'd also rather let my subscription lapse. Between this and a few other issues, the overall experience here (minus the actual community/members) is borderline unpleasant.
That's what thought too. The few ads before weren't that intrusive. But we should have a opt out for paying members.


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Crazy...im now home on my Mac and im not getting the popups about disabling my adblocker. Was just happening on my work computer which is a windows.


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On my phone I have an add banner at the top that scrolls to the right even beyond my window and then one at the bottom that sticks there as you scroll. Eventually, as you continue to scroll you get a popup that takes you to a page with a ton of sites listed. Like a previous poster said it looks like malware. Its really bothersome and makes the experience tedious when navigating the site using mobile.


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I thought it was just me. I was sitting here trying to figure out how I got a virus on my iPad.

Look at all of these ads. It's ridiculous!


And then the one at the bottom had the nerve to get stuck and leave lines across my screen.


I won't be literally chased by ads. I'll see y'all when this is resolved.


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I'm just laughing bc the ads are all about hair care tips and hair products which is what brought most people to this site in the first place. I'm not clicking on those and if they were successful in getting clicks they would drive traffic away from this hair care tips/hair product site. Counterproductive all around

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The one at the bottom of the screen is now worse. It used to be that you could X out of it but now the box stays even when you tell it you don't want to see the ad. There's now a google box blocking the bottom of the screen. Also, the ads that were displaying started giving me a headache. There was a Honda ad with the car driving across the bottom of the screen and there was an AT&T ad where the symbol moved across the bottom. It's too much going on when I'm trying to read.

I wish there had been a poll or something before these changes were implemented. I'd rather pay a small increase than suffer through these ads.


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If covering your hosting costs are such an issue, then maybe its time to review the cost. When was the last time you increased the subscription?

I know that subscriber mentioning a price increase is equivalent to a turkey voting for Christmas, but these ads are driving me nuts...

I don't know about anyone else but I'm not averse to paying more in order to avoid these ads...


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Okay, I feel better knowing this is a site-wide issue. Still, like many others have said, I'm not taking my ad-blocker down. It wouldn't be so bad if the ads weren't so obnoxious! It really looks like malware.
I think they behave somewhat as malware or are detected as such. My anti-virus keeps sanitizing something and I suspect it's generated from this site. I disabled my ad blocker and the page is quirky to load with each page loading.


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Now I don't see the black banner while in an actual thread but it is there in the main forum section.

ETA. Ok, I spoke too soon. It's funny that the banner is not in THIS thread tho.