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2019 Coffee Clay Chebe Onion Rice Tea Ayurv Acv Avj Challenge


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Just mixed my henna and set it in a corner to release overnight tonight. I will most likely be sleeping with it in my Bhringraj oil prepoo'ed hair overnight tomorrow. Will rinse out before church and follow with indigo after church Sunday morning.
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This morning, I steamed my overnight prepoo and shampooed it out with Redken Cleansing Cream (applied to roots).

While I wait for my henna to defrost, I've just finished massaging my scalp with Nature's Ego Fenugreek Scalp Serum, and my head feels cool and tingly. I suspect this serum builds up on my scalp but I'm going to be applying henna so I'm not fussed. I'll mix in some freshly blitzed hibiscus powder when I'm ready to apply.

ETA: I also added some ziziphus to my ends to counteract the straightening efgect that henna can have on them.
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Today was wash day and I made some mixes:

1. Made a detangling spray out of marshmallow root, slippery elm, fenugreek, and acv. Worked pretty well, still need to tweak the ratio of herbs to water.

2. Tried rhassoul clay for the first time mixed with aloe vera juice as a cleanser. I was surprised at how much my hair liked it. It gave my hair really good elongation and stretch, it was easy to manipulate, didn't tangle, and it had this incredible softness like I've never felt in my hair before. It was so soft after rinsing, I felt I didn't need a conditioner, but I used one anyway out of habit. I'll keep experimenting with it.


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I'd like to join this challenge if not too late. I've been using Chebe powder for almost 2 weeks I think. I use it every 3 days. I wash with Design essential peppermint shampoo, then I apply the chebe powder with beef fat and water. I also rub this hair grease on my scalp that I get from this lady in the Congo. I order stocks whenever I have family members coming from the Congo. She doesn't share what's in the mix and doesn't even have a name for the grease, but it supposed to stimulate hair growth. I can't say I've seen much results from it, but it's helped reduce hair breakage.
I'll take a length check pic on Wednesday when I reapply the Chebe powder.


i've been using mane/tail detangler for years and every week haven't post it here it has all kinds of teas.

water/aqua/eau, dimethicone, PEG 7 amodimethicone, equisetum arvense (horsetail) leaf extract, larrea divaricata (chaparral) extract, tussilago farfara (colts foot) flower extract, aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) seed extract, spiraea ulmaria (meadowsweet) flower extract, trifolium pratense (clover) flower ...


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it has all kinds of teas.
equisetum arvense
(horsetail) leaf extract, larrea divaricata (chaparral) extract, tussilago farfara (colts foot) flower extract, aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) seed extract, spiraea ulmaria (meadowsweet) flower extract, trifolium pratense (clover) flower ...
Thanks for posting this Ms. LT

Good Info.:up:


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@mzteaze Hello! Please give a review..Thank you..

Happy Hair Growing!

Here is my first impression of the product:

To be honest, my impressions of Belle Bar products are pretty much skeptical from the start. I want them to be great BUT feel like they are overpriced (I've talked about it before). So, I was totally prepared to feel the same about this product. Their pricing structure sort of forces you to either try to sparingly use the product (to make it last for as many uses as possible) OR for the heavy handed, use product FAST for less than the advertised amount of uses.

If you are heavy handed or prone to over estimate the amount you NEED for your hair, start with their recommended amount & go from there. I bought the largest sized jar. It comes with a wooden spoon. I have APL hair that's fine to medium with slightly below normal density. I mixed 2 tsp with hot herbal tea (they recommend hot water), then mixed in The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian hair conditioner. Although they recommend using on clean hair, I used as a pre-poo treatment.

I was fully prepared to say, the product was meh and chose not to write this review right after I finished my wash day. However, I'm 7 days post wash and impressed that my hair still feels moisturized and silky despite extreme cold weather this week. I haven't had to remoisturize my hair at all this week. The real test will be how well this holds up during a week when I do hot yoga and intensely sweat.

I plan to use this product every other week and will update my impressions as we go.


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I have been on LHCF since 2008, but I have decided to be more active. I am currently at armpit length, I have thick, spongy, healrhy hair. I am in ! I love natural techniques ! Thank you for creating this

Hi Ya'll - It's 2019! :wave:

We ALL Did so Well in this Challenge in 2018 - It's time to Start a New Challenge for a New You! :congrats:

You are Receiving this "MENTION" because you participated in last year's Challenge.

Tell Us What You're Using, Share Recipes, Outcomes, Results, Failures --- Ya'll know what to do in here!

Let's make it a Great 2019!:cup:

My Only Request Please "NO RANDOMS" If you have a comment or question, PM the member.

This is for Serious Challengers ONLY!
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So, today I made:

1) My hair calendar for this month. I just started using a planner at work & is spilling over into my home life.

2) I made a spray for my scalp using my brewed "Curly Proverbz" tea, aloe vera gel and caffeine water. My goal is to use this spray every other day to help stimulate growth.

3) A new batch of rice water.


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I took out my braids and had a wash day where I added fenugreek powder, amla powder, brahmi powder and olive oil to my deep conditioner. I didn't have a chance to let the powder sit before applying it to my hair, but I did leave the deep conditioner in my hair overnight.

And then I used my whipped shea butter that I made with amla, brahmi and fenugreek infused oil.

It's days later and my hair is still nicely moisturized with great shine and curl definition.