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You Guys Might Think I'm Crazy': Diary Of Us 'missionary' Reveals Last Days In Remote Island


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The Christian evangelist who attempted to convert one of the world's last remaining isolated tribes wrote of his convictions in pursuing the mission even in the face of open hostility and attempts on his life, according to diary entries and notes.

In excerpts from his journal, John Allen Chau, the American who is believed to have been killed by members of the isolationist Sentinelese tribe on a tiny, remote island in the Bay of Bengal, wrote of returning to the island to continue his attempts at conversion even after a tribesman shot at him with a bow and arrow, piercing a Bible he was carrying.

Sentinelese tribe thought to have killed American 'world's most isolated.'

"I hollered, 'My name is John, I love you and Jesus loves you,'" he wrote in his diary, pages of which were shared by his mother with the Washington Post. Shortly after, a young member of the tribe shot at him, according to his account.

In pages left with the fishermen who facilitated his trip to the island, his musings are a clear indication of his desire to convert the tribe.

"Lord, is this island Satan's last stronghold where none have heard or even had the chance to hear your name?" he wrote.

His notes indicate that he knew the trip was illegal, describing how the small fishing vessel transported him to the isolated island under cover of darkness, evading patrols.
"God Himself was hiding us from the Coast Guard and many patrols," he wrote.
All seven locals who facilitated the trip have been arrested.

Deliberate isolation
The Sentinelese live in complete isolation on the remote island in the Andaman archipelago, and are thought to have done so for tens of thousands of years. The tribe and their home are protected by Indian law to maintain their way of life and protect them from modern illnesses because they lack immunity.

Just more than a dozen people are officially thought to live on the remote island, which about 50 kilometer (31 miles) west of Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, an Indian territory.

They represent some of the last people on earth whose way of life remains entirely undisturbed by modern civilization.
The island is a protected area, and people are not allowed to go within 5 nautical miles of it, after previous incidents of aggressive behavior toward outsiders were observed. In 2006, two local fishermen were killed by the tribes.

Chau did not inform the police of his intentions to travel to the island to attempt to convert its inhabitants, officials said.

'God, I don't want to die'
Dependra Pathak, director general of police of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, told CNN that Chau had made several trips to the island, returning to the fishing boat at least twice.
"The boat stopped 500-700 meters (1,640 - 2,300 feet) away from the island and (Chau) used a canoe to reach the shore of the island. He came back later that day with arrow injuries. On the 16th, the (tribespeople) broke his canoe.

"So he came back to the boat swimming. He did not come back on the 17th; the fishermen later saw the tribespeople dragging his body around."

Six isolated tribe encounters: The results are usually violent

While on board, he wrote one final note to his family.
"You guys might think I'm crazy in all this but I think it's worthwhile to declare Jesus to these people," it said. "God, I don't want to die."

Despite the reports from the fishermen claiming they had seen the tribespeople dragging Chau's body across the beach before burying it in the sand, his mother, Lynda Adams-Chau, told the Post that she believed he was still alive.
Asked why, she answered, "My prayers."

Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar union territory.

History of aggression against outsiders
Chau is not the first person to fall victim to the Sentinelese after intruding on their island, which it is illegal for outsiders to land on.

In 2006, members of the tribe killed two poachers who had been illegally fishing in the waters surrounding North Sentinel Island after their boat drifted ashore, according to tribal advocacy nonprofit Survival International.

Two years previously, in the wake of the ruinous 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, a member of the group was photographed on a beach on the island, firing arrows at a helicopter sent to check on their welfare.

An image of a Sentinelese tribesman aiming a bow and arrow at a helicopter which was assessing the tribe's wellbeing in 2004, following the Indian Ocean tsunami.
Expeditions were made to the island frequently in the 1980s and 1990s, where gifts were often left for its people, but these have since dropped off.

According to India's 2011 census, only 15 Sentinelese were estimated to remain on the island. India's government has stuck to an "eyes-on and hands-off" policy to ensure that poachers do not enter North Sentinel Island, according to the country's Ministry of Tribal Affairs.


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In trying to convert others to God, he forgot the old proverb " Pride goeth before a Fall". His ego would not allow him to leave these people alone. He wanted to prove that he had this great power to convert these tribesman to God and that God would see him through. Unfortunately, unlike Daniel, he did not get delivered from the lion's den. I don't feel sorry for him.


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This is mental illness. We used to have asylums for people like this. Now they’re just out here, talking to themselves on the streets and canoeing their way to death. It’s sad.
I laughed so hard at this post.

This dude could've brought all sorts of illnesses with him and took those people out. His arrogance is why I like.....welp....you knew the risks.

The real fascination to me is that these people appear very dark skinned.


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I laughed so hard at this post.

This dude could've brought all sorts of illnesses with him and took those people out. His arrogance is why I like.....welp....you knew the risks.

The real fascination to me is that these people appear very dark skinned.
Yeah, I literally have no sympathy for this guy. I can't stand arrogant people. Missionaries are highly suspect to me in general and this guy doesn't help their cause.

As far as them being dark-skinned, I read another article saying that these people are thought to be one of the oldest living paleolithic peoples. They were thought to be one of the first groups to migrate out of Africa and have been living on the island for over 60,000 years. It's fascinating.


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Um, John, what made you think that these peoples understand English?
Do you think that they understood what you said? How can you convert them if you can't/don't speak their language?

And why did you think that they have no concept of 'religion' just because they were 'uncivilized'?
OMG, This too!! :lachen:You're so right!!

Did he intend to avoid getting killed while learning their language enough to teach them about his religion??? :drunk:


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John Allen Chau: Body of man killed by tribe 'may never be recovered'

Image:An Instagram selfie by John Allen Chau, taken on his most recent trip to India
By Russell Hope, news reporter

The body of an American evangelist killed by an ancient tribe on a forbidden island may never be recovered, experts have said.

John Allen Chau was reportedly killed in a "hail of arrows" after he visited North Sentinel Island to convert its protected people to Christianity - singing songs of worship and telling them "Jesus loves you".

Local fishermen saw tribespeople dragging his body around on the beach.

Authorities in India have not even tried to send police ashore to question the tribe, who have greeted outsiders with hostility for decades.

Meanwhile, tribal rights experts have warned it would be a "futile exercise" to try and retrieve Mr Chau's body.

Exposing the isolated group to people from the outside world could also be risky - amid concerns that 21st-century diseases as mild as the common cold could kill off the tribe.

Police have sent a boat near North Sentinel, which lies in the Indian Ocean, for a second time, with a statement adding: "Due precautions were taken by the team to ensure that this particularly vulnerable tribal group are not disturbed and distressed during this exercise."

Image:John Allen Chau reportedly died in 'a hail of arrows'
The Sentinelese are believed to be the world's last pre-neolithic tribe.

Sophie Grig, who campaigns for isolated groups, said: "I don't believe there is any safe way to retrieve the body without putting both the Sentinelese and those attempting it at risk."

Pankaj Sekhsaria, who has written about tribes on other secluded islands, warned any attempt to recover Mr Chau could "create conflict with the community".

And Anup Kapoor, anthropology professor at the University of Delhi, said: "They have been killed and persecuted historically by the British and the Japanese. They hate anyone in uniform. If they see someone in uniform, they will kill him on the spot."

Nonetheless, police are liaising with experts about the best way to establish contact.

Image:Mr Chau knew it was illegal to go within three miles of North Sentinel Island
The Anthropological Survey of India has had previous rudimentary contact with the tribe - with one of its officials, C. Raghu, adding: "When we went there, nothing happened. Our seniors visited the island and they came back. It is because we are experts and know the pulse of the people.

"It's not just the risk of disease. You also have to think of how to handle yourself, what to say and what to share with them. To them, whoever gets there is from the outside, new world."

Mr Chau had tried to reach the Sentinelese several times, despite knowing it was illegal to go within three miles (five km) of the island. Seven people have been arrested on suspicion of helping him.

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Notes written during his earlier attempts have revealed that a young boy on the island fired an arrow that hit his Bible.

Mr Chau wrote: "Why did a little kid have to shoot me today? His high-pitched voice still lingers in my head.

"I DON'T WANT TO DIE. Would it be wiser to leave and let someone else to continue. No I don't think so."


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His notes make him sound religious fanatic.

That said, what would be the point of a murder charge? They know nothing about the outside world. They are already isolated. What kind of Christian message is that? Let's punish islander because religious guy didn' t follow the law, disrespected the people, their culture, infringed on their rights, way of life etc...??!!!

He has a lot of Asian features. If he is Amerasian, maybe he was adopted by white family.


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Knuck if you buck! I wanna see how exactly they would accomplish this. I know what they are capable of; but are they really bout a massacre of these people in 2K18? All in the name of some random dude with a saviour complex. Let's see if white privilege will extend to North Sentinel Island.


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Knuck if you buck! I wanna see how exactly they would accomplish this. I know what they are capable of; but are they really bout a massacre of these people in 2K18? All in the name of some random dude with a saviour complex. Let's see if white privilege will extend to North Sentinel Island.
While certainly it is the exercise of Caucasian manifesto this seems more like the case of Christian Privilege.