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On the Grow and Keeping it Simple
She can't save it off right now the razor would glide right over it. My real concern is that there is no new growth lifting it after a month. I hope she doesn't have scalp damage

I think her follicles have been glued shut where there was direct contact. That means she'll have ingrown hair. I'm truly horrified. I hope sis sees a doctor, derm, or trichologist.


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Thinking about returning my Revlon One Step
It’s great for what it is but I never blow dry my hair or wear it straight

Crackers Phinn

Either A Blessing Or A Lesson.
This is what living in a horror movie must feel like. Wouldn't necrosis eventually happen on her scalp under that glue? I was watching a dermatologist weigh in on what to do and he suggested acetone and if that didn't work then goo gone but he went to medical school and don't know what the consequences and repercussions of this is. The makers of the glue are like "we don't know what to tell you".



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I washed my hair for the first time since my keratin treatment and I am still in love. My curls are uniform, loosened, shiny, soft. This is way better than any of the applications I did myself.

The stylist used formaldehyde free keratin that cures under the hooded dryer. You wash it out before you heat style and she only used two passes of the flat iron. My hair was pin straight and stayed that way for 3 weeks. I only washed it because it got too oily for my taste.

She was sooo expensive but I'm going to be budgeting for this in the future. She was worth every penny. I've had constant compliments and when I came home I was able to wrap my curly hair into a loose bun and throw on a satin scarf. That's unheard of for my natural texture.

These results are also just so much more professional than the keratin treatments I did myself. I'm a believer in stylists again.
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Just finished baggying my daughter‘s hair—there’s this app on my phone that does wonders for when I need to do her hair or have her baggy even for 30 minutes lol. Now I’ll baggy my Bantu knots for two hours.


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woohoo! i haven't even washed my hair yet after straightening it almost a month ago but i can already tell just by moisturizing that i don't have any heat damage. I was a little nervous because I did one last wash with my aussie moist and crisco mix before I went in with the blow dryer and flat iron.


I put on a hair Botox treatment last night. Prismax. My hair is always sort of frizzy/textured until my first wash. I’ll shampoo and do Saturday before date night.

One of my Valentine dresses came and that thang is thanging. I can’t wait!


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My locs look best when i flat twist them the night before, but doing it everyday is a lot. Will have to be really serious with my workouts to force myself to do it. No way I can workout with loose baby locs considering how wet my scalp gets.