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Brushes snag your hair, finger detanglers, fine hair come in here!


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So I could never use a lot of the brushes advertised in the natural hair community because they snagged my hair and just wouldn't move through. EZ detangler, Denman, tangle teezer etc. I was managing with kazmeleje paddle comb and wide tooth comb but breakage was still an issue especially at my roots, like many with this issue I felt like finger detangling was the only option. I was going to lock my hair out of frustration. Till one day an experience gave me a lightbulb thought...what if I try a brush with an extremely flexible bristles that would bend to my tangle as opposed to all the tools, I had been using with firm bristles which gave an equal amount of resistance by pulling instead of bending.

So I deiced to get a wet brush and another brush with similar flexible bristles... all I can say is I have been combing my hair with ease since then, my hair is more detangled than it ever was with a wide-tooth comb, and I have very very very very very minimal breakage, the wet brush has been an especially great experience.

So if you struggled to brush your hair, struggle with breakage with the wide-tooth comb, think finger detangling is the only option, or think your hair is very fine and fragile, try brushes with flexible bristles like the wet brush, I have attached images for you to see examples. I would never have considered these types of brushes before but hey what do you know...


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