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2019 Coffee Clay Chebe Onion Rice Tea Ayurv Acv Avj Challenge


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Sounds like my kind of challenge. I've been using an ayurvedic infused oil for the last year. I've added in diy cinnamon oil as a scalp treatment each wash and I now cleanse my hair with castile soap diluted in green tea. The latter two have been great additions. I decided this year I'd be going back to 99% DIY since my hair and scalp respond better to it.

EDIT: Forgot I also sometimes will do infused acv rinses but I haven't done one in a couple weeks. I like to leave those in.


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Used my cinnamon oil on my scalp today then washed with the green tea & castile soap. My hair felt really soft and I'm feeling lazy today so I skipped conditioning. I've always had a love/hate relationship with conditioner. I thought about doing an acv rinse this time but not until I was halfway through my wash lol.


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Used the miracle RICE WATER after I dc,left it on my hair for 30min/rinsed with warm water/used Bekura Beauty leave in/CHEBE infused oil on length/sealed with Shea Nilotica butter..

*The miracle RICE WATER made my hair feel/look fuller and very strong..The CHEBE infused oil brought out my waves..Nice combo

Happy Hair Growing!


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Right now:

I have a mix of of APB Bamboo Strengthening Conditioner and JLexiLLC Rice Water Conditioner with Belle Bar's Avocado Mask (with Onion Powder, Coconut Milk and Honey Mix in).

I untangled my hair using a APB Ayurvedic Hair oil and Brahmi Amla Hair oil (different brand) before washing this morning.


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Can I join in?:) I haven’t gotten around to posting much lately, but these are holy grail products for me.

I henna’ed 3 days ago with Hesh Mehandi.

SUPERB coverage and conditioning results!

Perhaps that I just big chopped all my texlaxed ends off is something that helped.
As a NEW NATURAL (4c), my hair devoured the color in less than 4 hours!
That never happened when I had perms/relaxers in my hair. (Heck, I used to sleep in the stuff and still have not as much color release.....after 8/9 hours!)

In my henna mix, I just added a can of coconut milk and 3 tbsp of Mustard Oil. (To get the deep rust color)
Now that I know that I can get these results in less than 4 hours, I might do it more often.
I froze the rest of my mixture, so it will be ready for the next henna application.

Today, I ordered some Bentonite Clay from Anita Grant and a few other items from her store. Anyone else here using Anita Grant?

HHJ Ladies:)


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Okay I just set some more herbs on the stove to make another batch of tea rinse for my hair.

Tonight I used hibiscus, nettle, Belle Bar Green Tea blend, black tea, hops, and raspberry.

After straining it, I will be adding some peppermint essential oil to it then set it in the refrigerator for easy use.