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20-21 Oil Grease Butter Lotion Creme Pomade Challenge


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Via some links below it seems coconut, argan, babassu oils, ghee, aloe butter, mango seed butter, cacao butter, among others, are non-drying/ polymerizing in contact with O2.

Drying include grapeseed (though it is a good ceramide containing oil for hair, this is looking at another quality), camellia seed oil (which I love),
Rosehip seed oil, pomegranate oil, wheat germ oil, soybean oil, black cumin seed (kalonji) oil, etc
It's only in relation to one characteristic, citing a shipping/cargo article about the ease of cleaning different types of oils also...

and the 'drying' ones have plenty of good factors to recommend them for hair use. Just to keep in mind anyway. Esp if someone is washing hwir infrequently they kight choose to go with the more drying ones for a diff reason (so as to minimize greasy look) --eg SistaWithRealHair on youtube using grapeseed oil when going a month or so without washing.. seems it helped prevent fungal issues too as she had no problems with her scalp.

For instance, I'm thinking I would use this info to balance blend which may have a good ceramide oil (grapeseed)

but offsetting the potential for build-up with argan oil which would help in the detangling and help it wash out more easily.

Information about drying vs non-drying oils from user Meteor on Long Hair Community forum

Generally speaking, when you are experimenting with new oils, the only thing I'd caution about is drying capacity of oils: http://ktanihairsense.blogspot.ca/20...y-of-oils.html
Drying oils polymerize in contact with oxygen, forming a hard-to-remove film over time, which makes them awesome for painting if you are an artist but bad for hair build-up if you use too much and leave them in for too long.
Here is an extensive list of different oils and their drying capacities: http://soapcalc.net/calc/OilList.asp - sort them by "iodine value", as oils with iodine value of 130-190 or higher are usually considered "drying". (And in case you are wondering, maracuja/passionfruit seed oil iodine value is around 115-150 (http://www.gardenofwisdom.com/catalo...07/3778862.htm), so it can be considered "drying" or "semi-drying").

Hope this helps with future experimentation with oils.


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One of the best lines I've taken from Indigenous Strandz (who I now stan) is "when in doubt, oil it out" . Taking it to heart has helped my tangling some and the feel of my hair a lot. Much better than butters/creams do. Coconut oil for strength, but used not as often. Good for pre-poo. Olive oil and castor oil mix for softness and detangling. I love this blend. More olive than castor I find is better, like a 2-1 or 3-1 ratio. Now when my hair is feeling a little dry or bare and I'm wondering to myself "should I add oil", I just remember "when in doubt, oil it out"!
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3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Right, so whipped shea is fun to make but I did that with argan oil, etc.
One batch for scalp, one for length of hair too
The one for scalp could have worked for everything but I put in too much cassia EO (it's basically cinnamon oil) without thinking. Sigh


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
My mom prefers the scalp one to the other one in fragrance and said she doesnt find the cassia EO is overdone at all. Said the fragrance is really nice and feels good too. High praise since she is really... honest. And loves good perfume

The other one has a better pudding like consistency for length so that worked out well. It's just a trial, I'll see how this goes and what I'd like to adjust over time.

The measurements used are all over the place but for scalp
1 t MCT
0.5 tube MN derm
1 t MSM
3 t kalonji
10 mL j. Sambac in jojoba
14 drops rosemary
20 mL calendula in olive oil
12 mL ylang ylang
30 mL amber rose base (not self made)
4 drops german chamomile
6 drops lemongrass
80 ml argan oil
12 ml abyssinian oil
1 oz Emu
2 oz SB
20 ml Cocoa butter
2 oz grapeseed
11 drops tea tree
3 or 4 shakes of abyssinian camellia and neroli in jojoba blend

The one for all of head/hair is just
SB 150 mL,
20 mL argan,
abyssinian 1 teaspoon,
grapeseed 1 oz,
2 drops ylang ylang (III)
6-7 drops german chamomile
(would not do this if I wanted to make it pleasant for others but it was just for myself ...the G.C is not balanced well with the rest fragrance-wise)
2 drops lavender
1 drop lemongrass
(No cassia, tto, EO fragrance base, emu, rosemary,kalonji, neroli, camellia or CB to keep it gentle for length of hair)

Kept the EOs to a minimum because last time what did me in with hair oil, was dousing it with fragrance...and walking in the sun.

ESP osmanthus EO (I used up a whole bottle!)

Poured in, everything else was less in comparison but then like 1 t of vanilla absolute, and (I'd forgotten about this) I had even put pure parfum of No 5 (so as to use it up) in the hair oil too

(when my hair frazzled beyond repair in the sun).

Like how stupid do you have to be?? Gosh. I had told myself I was just being a Guinea pig for my own practical knowledge but it cost me my hair!!!


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Castor + Prickly Pear + Rosehip + Argan oil scalp
and Argan for ,,,,length (<< sounds like sarcasm given current state)
Used these over Curl Junkie AO + OO conditioner mixed with ic Fantasia Hair polisher Aloe gel
ETA Avene tolerance lotion as hair lotion over the above after twistout and stretch with bobby pins... resulted in a decent result I think
Though the side view looks hen-pecked
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3b/3c. henna/cassia.
Pre with Shea butter mixes last night. Scalp n length with respective mixes.

This was on top of the ---already present for a few days ---leave in using Curl Junkie AO and Oo conditioner + ic Fantasia HP aloe gel + Avene tolerance lotion + argan oil

Washed with a Pantene 2 in 1 and literally no real conditioner (no time; appointment)

just Hsooq's Argan oil (nothing else) after towel drying..

added a bit more of the argan oil after returning from hospital... and my hair is sooo soft and in great condition!!!! And very shiny and does not look greasy.
So in test driving ..this Henna Sooq argan Oil...

it's good and my first impression was incorrect. Also great for dry hands and kids' skin n hair (I mix with castor oil for them because it works better with the CO on them)

Also all this ended up being a winning combination on my hair so I'm recording n bookmarking so as to keep this up.


3b/3c. henna/cassia.
It looks pretty good by mixing
Reveil Jeju (korean camellia seed oil and silicone containing conditioner sold in my town but maybe out of business now) + ic aloe hair polisher with water + Curl Junkie Aa/oo and argan oil afterwards.
Very pleased yet again with the result (feel and look and still no breakage evident unlike in the past). Yesterday after wash there was nothing but Argan oil used morning and evening which by this morning was soaked up and hair was wispy again so I needed this stuff.

I feel I'm getting to know my hair better
Clearly aloe vera,
argan oil, silicones, and of course camellia oil, work on this hair.
BUT could not get a good twist out and braids didnt hold at the front yesterday or today (I suppose I need mightiness of shea butter for that :strong: )