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20-21 Growth Aides Challenge


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Just applied onion skin tea, then fenugreek+curry leaf oil. Those curry leaves are strong :giggle: But my scalp feels really good with this oil :yep:
Where did you get this from?
Belle Bar onion & garlic oil with massage

Note: I'm on week 2 of (mostly) daily scalp massages. I took a video of my crown to see how well the use of pumpkin seed oil & more massages is working out. It looks GREAT. I definitely see hair growing in so I think I'm firmly on the side of REGULAR scalp messages.

Where did you get this?
I "stumbled" on a G.A. that resembles Wild Hair Growth Oil called: "Wild JBCO Hair Growth Formula" with: Biotin, Niacin and Rosemary.

Will try this out for a while. Unfortunately, these ingredients are at the end of the list. :nono:

Got "good" reviews tho':look:
How do you like it so far?
My scalp gets pretty itchy with that BB Onion & Garlic. I might have to drop that one and go back to using emu oil and JBCO.
What is this? Sorry I've been out of the loop so long


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I haven't been here for a few weeks because I had a traumatic hip injury.

However, I started working with a trichologist to address the thinness at my crown. She put together a program for me that includes :
- Regular shampoo & conditioner
- Daily scalp sprays
- Vitamins and minerals

Interestingly, she has you use the shampoo 3 times during a wash. The first two times to cleanse the hair and scalp, the 3rd time to let it sit on the scalp for 3 minutes.