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Hot tools curling iron

January 27, 2022
   As someone who has always had naturally straight hair, I would always envy girls I saw with beautiful, bouncing curls and wished that there was some way for me to be able to achieve this style.

However, up until recently, it seemed like any time I tried to curl my hair using a curling iron, my hair would fall flat within just a couple of hours, even when using mega hold hairspray. As you can imagine, this was very frustrating for me. But then I got to thinking that maybe it wasn't my fault -- maybe I had just been using the wrong curling iron all along.

   That was when I decided to look into some different ones that were out there and was able to come across the Hot Tools curling iron. From the reviews that I read of it right off the bat, it seemed like this would be my best bet, so I decided to order it for myself. Upon ordering it online and receiving free shipping, all I had to do was wait for it to arrive at my door, which I was very anxious for.

   When I received it in the mail (it took a little while, but it was shipping from quite a far distance and, since the shipping was free, I really could not complain), I immediately put it to use. The first thing that I noticed was that it was a smaller curling iron, which I really liked because it seemed to give me the option to make tighter curls than other, larger irons I had seen in the past. Plus, the smaller size made it a lot easier to hold and grip when I was trying to style my hair for the first time with it.

   Another thing that I noticed right off the bat when I plugged this iron in was that it heated up super fast. My other iron would take several minutes to get to its optimum heat setting, and even then, it did not ever seem hot enough to really do much with my hair. But this iron got extremely hot in a very short period of time, which saved me a lot of time in doing my hair. I can see this being a huge benefit when it comes to getting ready in the mornings.

   And finally, this iron passed the true test in the sense that my curls held all day! This was a first for me, and it was what made me completely satisfied with the product. Now, even on windy days, I know I do not have to worry about my curls falling flat within a matter of minutes thanks to the Hot Tools curling iron.

   I would recommend this curling iron to anyone who likes to style their hair and do something different from time to time, especially for those who were not born with naturally curly hair. The only drawback, as I mentioned, was the relatively slow shipping, but I would say that this product is definitely worth the wait. If you don't want to wait for shipping, you can buy it in many retail stores, too.

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